If there is any justice in this world, we are due for a nice, long Indian summer. After last years brutal winter, and this summer’s delayed start, we east coasters deserve a glorious Indian summer.

If justice prevails, I am going to school you in how best to care for your skin so that your transition to fall is flawless.

Step 1.  Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. I generally loathe the way moisturizers with sunscreen smell, feel and block my pores. This one does none of the above, if anything it helps your skin to look better. It goes on like a gel-type lotion but feels powdery on the skin. It offers broad spectrum sun protection of 30 and I’ve been wearing it all summer and loving every minute of it. It feels more like a primer than a moisturizer and my foundation goes on smoothly and evenly. This product is a must!

murad invisiblur

Step 2. I’m not one for heavy makeup in the heat, you sweat…it runs and no one is happy! Cut to Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks, hands down my very favorite product of summer 2015. I have never been a fan of any of these cream blush sticks, until now. WOW! I have this product in 3 colors, Ibiza, Moonbeach and Formentera and I wear them all. I psychotically adore them. Ibiza I use as a bronzer, Moonbeach gives me that ‘glow from within’ look and Formentera is like my perfect blush. What makes everything Charlotte Tilbury does even more amazing is that there are fabulous how-to videos online for all of her products. I do most of my Tilbury shopping at because their delivery is so efficient and getting a package from them feels like christmas morning. On their website they show application techniques but for even better tutorials go to the Charlotte Tilbury website directly and learn from the master.

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick

With these two recommendations you are set for September and then some…I have no intention to stop using any of todays items come winter time either…Enjoy and let me know how they work for you.

xo Elisa



  1. Love love love your ideas!

  2. As always, you inspire!! Thank you for your awesome recommendations. I will be shopping for my myself and my daughter! She is now in warmer weather all year so I am very excited about the moisturizer! Thanks!!

  3. going out to get the murad today. thanks for the tips . fabulous ideas.

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