Multi-Task Face Mask…

I’m not one for multi-tasking. I just can’t do it! I do one thing at a time and everything gets done properly. Those products that claim to do two things or more…sorry, they don’t do either effectively.

James Read (faux tan master) has changed all that. He has created an overnight tanning mask that puts you to bed one color and wakes you up beach beautiful. James Read Sleep Tan Mask for face does just what it promises. Normally I use a product for roughly one month and if it still knocks my socks off you get to hear about it, but with this item I couldn’t keep it to myself for that long.

I have never used something that produces results overnight and especially after just one use. They suggest to use it twice a week and believe me until Mother Nature shines her rays on my face I will do just that.

I worried that if I used a product like this I would wake up to a face full of zits or worse, but to my surprise not only did I wake up looking like a bronzed goddess, my skin actually looked great. Plus as an extra bonus, there’s none of that funky soggy cereal smell that most self tanners have.

I can’t wait to use it again!

Before you go out to buy it let me give you some pointers so you can really reap its benefits.

1.  Always exfoliate before applying a self tanner (you want the smoothest skin possible to you get an even glow).

2.  Apply it evenly with a foundation brush right to your hairline so you don’t look like you’re wearing some kind of freaky foundation.

3.  Sleep well and enjoy the results the next morning.

It really is that simple. James Read products are also available at ($38 us or $46 cdn).

Glow on…you won’t be sorry.

xo Elisa




  1. leticia says:

    I cannot wait to get my new tan. now I pink and I hope to wake up golden brown.
    thanks for the great advice.

  2. Thanks for the post! Just in time to give Christina a healthy glow for prom!!

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