Easy, Peasy, Summer Breezy!

We all lighten our load in the summer.

Some of us shed layers of clothes, others shed pounds for bathing suit season, then there are folks like me who shed their makeup routine.

While always wanting to look my best, when it’s hot and sweaty outside there is no way I’m going full throttle in the makeup department. Having said that, don’t think you’re going to find me bare-faced in the city. Last year I introduced you to Origins Vitazing SPF moisturizer (see Thank You Notes).  This years summer favorite can be worn over your Vitazing and has 2 functions ( I love a good multi-tasker)!

Drum roll please…

YSL Kiss & Blush is this summer’s multitasking product of choice. It’s a velvety textured cream that can be worn on both cheeks and lips, with a “smoochie” lip shaped applicator that goes on smooth and lasts for hours. This item is ideal for weekend outings when you wanna look your best but cannot be bothered with the whole pomp and circumstance of a full on makeup session. Plus, if you live in a climate that experiences a nasty winter, you don’t want to spend your entire summer in front of a vanity mirror.

Get out there and enjoy the day with only one product in your pocket or purse! There are 12 colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one to your liking. I’m a neutral girl so I went with the Nude Insolent, it really warmed up my cheeks and was super flattering on my lips.

Lightening your load with Kiss & Blush will also lighten your wallet $40 ($45 Canadian), but you really are getting 2 products in one here. I think you’ll consider it a good investment, especially when your out for dinner and a touch up involves just one little bottle and not an entire beauty arsenal!

You can find YSL at Sephora.com and at all department stores where YSL is sold.

So Happy Summer Y’all!

It’s good to be back and there’s so much more coming soon.

xo Elisa

Kiss Blush



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