Summer Lovin’…

Remember when the school year finally ended and a great summer adventure awaited you?

Whether you went to summer camp or vacationed with your family, there always seemed to be some cute boy or girl who seemed to occupy your heart and mind for those two blissful months.

It’s time to fall in love again, but this time it’s with this todays recommended product!

Trish McEvoy Face Shapers is my current obsession and I’m pretty sure it will be yours too.  If you buy 1 make up product this summer, this should be the one.  For $75 you are getting 4 products in one amazing mirrored compact.

Everything about this item is perfection, firstly it comes in 2 color choices (aptly named 1 and 2) so there’s no drama about which one to buy. I use the one on top (see the pic below) as its for light to medium toned skin, the bottom is for a darker complexion or if you’re going for a more golden/bronze look. What you get in this miracle compact is all your face will ever need to achieve a perfect summer glow. The top tier contains a bronzer and a highlighter, while the bottom has the most amazing, natural looking blush and a face finishing powder. What really makes this product top-notch is the “how to” manual inside that guides you through all 4 steps, making each item impossible to use incorrectly.

face shapers

When applied the way Trish recommends, you actually look like you’re glowing from the inside out. I cannot say enough about how much I’m loving this item.  As for wearability… this stuff stays on all day, I don’t even need a touch up if I’m going out after work.

So unlike the love’s of summer’s passed, there’s no heartbreak here! Just a great product to help you look amazing all summer long…

Kumbaya y’all…

xo Elisa



Nailing It!

So you’re rocking that cute outfit you bought the other day, your accessories are perfection but something is missing. Since you work full-time, you don’t always have the luxury of that weekly manicure that others seem to benefit from, no worries, TisB has got you covered.

I have discovered the best item to help “polish” off your look.  Dior Nail Glow is that product. Not only will it save you money (on manicures) it’ll save you time. With 1 coat it enhances the pink of your nail beds and the whites of your tips, all while providing a just manicured shine. For $24 this item is a rock star. No need for a base or top coat, just 1 or 2 coats of this fast drying polish and you are good to go. You can apply it just before walking out the door and by the time you get to work you’re dry and well manicured.

Also the brush is shaped differently than other polishes, instead of getting wide when it makes contact with your nail bed, the brush is designed in a similar shape to your nail which makes application a breeze.  I am the farthest thing from ambidextrous and even I can apply it easily (trust me that is saying a lot).

So “glow” forth with well manicured nails and bank all that tip money you’ve just saved!

You’re welcome… 🙂

This is what I do, making the world a better place, 1 product at a time..

xo Elisa

Dior Nail Glow Polish

“As Time Goes By…”

Father’s Day is this Sunday.  So today’s post is going to honor my father by linking what I do here to his favorite movie. In November of 1942 Casablanca was introduced to the world. To this day it is still heralded as one of the greatest films of all time. It made a superstar out of Ingrid Bergman, reminded the world that Humphrey Bogart was a helluva leading man, turned Herman Hupfeld’s “As Time Goes By” into an American Standard and gave us a plethora of famous movie quotes.  For me, however it will always be my dad’s favorite movie.

So, without further ado I bring you today’s recommended product:  Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Casablanca, available at most high-end department stores around the globe. In Canada you can find them at Holt Renfrew. I’ve given a nod to his Cherry Lush in VD, but Casablanca is by far and away the best neutral lipstick you will ever find. Tom Ford’s lipsticks are like none you’ve ever used before. Their texture is smooth because of something called Brazilian murumuru butter, they feel more like a lip treatment than a lipstick, they are so highly pigmented that you need very little to achieve pout perfection and their scent is out of this world.  Your lips will never look or feel better, I assure you.

So while picking out your soap-on-a-rope or Burberry tie for your Pop, treat your pout to something special too.

“Here’s looking at you kid…”  Happy Father’s Day…xo Elisa


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