“Do You Believe in Magic?”

Not the Lovin’ Spoonful variety, but the cosmetic kind that claims to do something, but never really quite delivers!  For every 5 products that fail to live up to their promised result, there is always one that does what it says and it kind of makes it all worthwhile. Today’s product is that 1 in 5 that actually delivers the goods, and then some.

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm is that product.  At $31 it’s seems pricey, but don’t be deterred by that, it’s worth every penny!  This Balm is in fact “the Bomb!”  This is not your typical chapstick. Somehow this formula mixes with your natural lip color and magically gives your lips a hint of color that is both fresh and unique to your skin tone. I am well aware there exist many products that promise to do this, but I’ve never found one that actually delivered on that promise and kept my lips hydrated.  It’s almost as if Dior customized a lip product just for you. How very nice of them…;)

If you’re still unconvinced that this stuff is awesome…

Sometimes I just want to leave the house without my arsenal of cosmetics.  I don’t want to carry the 15 pound handbag that often accompanies me wherever I go. I am however one of those people who looks completely washed out without lip color, so this product is a winner for me all around. With Dior Lip Glow I put on my regular lipstick at home and just toss this into my pocket and I’m out the door.  I reapply this throughout the day and my lips still look red carpet ready.  J’adore!!!

So tonight like many of you, I will be at home watching the “Oscars” from my couch, in my best sweats with an absolutely perfect looking pout courtesy of Dior!  So, yeah, I guess I do believe in magic…The magic of Dior!

…xo Elisa

dior lip glow

He pet my coat….

Today I am deviating from my normal format of product recommendations.  Don’t be disappointed, I am still trying to make your shopping world a better place.  This may sound like a rant, but really it’s just an observation of strange and sometimes very bad behavior.

As someone who spends a great deal of time (and money) at cosmetic counters I am often shocked and repulsed by some of the tactics used by the sales people who work there.  Quite simply, from the sales person or counter rep I require one thing and one thing only…Product Knowledge.  Know the line you are selling and advise the customer properly, if you do this you will have a customer for life.

When shopping, I am not looking for a new best friend, I am not looking for someone to kiss my behind and I am certainly not looking for someone to insult me as a means to sell products.  I have witnessed all of these tactics while browsing the cosmetics counter, but what sent me over the edge (which is here, I might add) was when last week a salesman, in an attempt at flattery began to pet my coat…NO  you did not misread this, he actually began petting my winter coat, “Ooooh, I love your coat, it’s so soft,” is what he kept saying.  Now in all fairness he wasn’t wrong, my coat is awesome, but he totally freaked me out.  1-800-personal space please!!!

I mean haven’t we all seen Dirty Dancing? “This is my dance space….”

Essentially what I am trying to say ladies is the cosmetic counter is our gateway to “me” time! Whether it’s a body cream, a lipstick, a bubble bath, all of these are little things we do to make ourselves feel special, so we shouldn’t have to be subjected to insults or faux compliments or creepy people touching us!

So my suggestion is simple, companies should make quality products (and many of them do) and salespeople should sell the right products to the right people! Voila!  Problem solved…maybe next week I can take on world peace!

Ok, so I couldn’t let you go without giving you a little something to think about.  The coat petting incident occurred while I was purchasing Clinique’s new Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for the Eyes in Ample Amber ($19 Canadian).  I’m loving it, it’s quick in the morning when I have to go to work and lasts all day on my lids.

Enjoy…xo Elisa


chubby stick



It’s everywhere you look these days.  It’s overtaken the malls, your favorite stores even the pharmacies aren’t safe anymore.  It has me seeing red.  Valentines Day, whether you have a significant other or not it seems everyone feels the stresses and pressures of this holiday.  It’s like Christmas in February.

Today’s blog has a simple message, be your own Valentine.  We all know that before you can be truly good to someone else, you have to be good to yourself (hey Journey sang about it so it MUST be true).  So this Valentines day I am suggesting that you do something nice for you. Here is my list of VD inspired things you can give to yourself to perk up your mood (all for under $50)…

1. This time of year everyone’s skin can get dry and cracked, yet we all seem to ignore our hands, which is why my first suggestion is Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream.  I love this stuff, I keep one near my bed and one in my purse.  Not only is it beautifully packaged, it smells amazing and keeps my hands soft and moisturized all year round.  Available online at esteelauder.com for $40 ($45 in Canada) and at most Estee Lauder counters.

Aerin Rose Hand Cream

2.  Everybody needs a good gloss and at $16 Origins Liquid Lip Shimmer in Hula Girl is the gloss for me!  It is the quintessential pink lip gloss. It goes on smooth, no sticky texture and its scented with a hint of cool mint so applying it is both pretty and refreshing.  As an added bonus, when you shop at Origins (in store or online) they are currently offering a free Liquid Lip Duo with the purchase of 2 products, which is how I was originally introduced to Hula Girl many months ago.

hula girl

3.  Much like a good car show can rock a man’s world, women and lipstick share a similar relationship.  I don’t understand the science behind the brain’s chemistry and lip color, but I do know that when I am feeling less than my best a new lip stick can turn my frown upside down…literally.  A few months ago I found my new favorite shade from an old favorite of mine.  Trish Mcevoy Lip Color Collection in Rosewood is that new favorite.  Her lipsticks are rich and hydrating and scented with a vanilla/mint like scent that makes applying it a pleasure.  Priced at $28 they are long-lasting and available at all Trish Mcevoy counters at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about her products yet…

trish mcevoy

4.  Bath time!  My most favorite time of the day.  Work is done and it’s time to pamper me.  Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath from Origins is my go to soak of choice.  My muscles thank me for this rich, ginger, lime and bergamot scented relief.  For $28 you get 17.6 oz of bath time bubble fun.  I generally use two scoops to fill my tub and it lasts me a long time. Technically this could be your second Origins product to get you your free Liquid Lip Duo…My generosity knows no bounds….;)

ginger float

5.  Last but not least, I am deviating slightly from my recommendation variety.  As promised all my recommendations are products I use and adore.  Up until now products have been of the cosmetic kind, today I am making an exception and introducing you to something that I love so much I am actually blogging in them now.  At $49.50, my Victoria Secret PillowTalk Pajama Set  comes in under my as promised budget of $50 or less and makes sleeping and lounging around the house a lot more glamorous.  I love these pajamas, they’re soft, sparkly and super comfy.


So my job here is done.  I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hope you all remember to “Be good to yourself!”

xo Elisa

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