We’re not talking POPEYE…

Hello Sailor is the name of today’s product and I’ve been singing its praises to just about anyone who’ll listen. Now it’s your turn to hear about why this one item is all that and then some.

Some products are fun, some are user-friendly, some are life altering…this one is all the above. Lipstick Queen’s ‘Hello Sailor’ is a sheer lipstick that feels more like a balm. Its loaded with vitamin E so your lips stay moist and hydrated all day, but the kicker here is it’s blue.

Whoa people, I haven’t gone all punk rock between blogs! This blue lipstick (and I mean hardcore, navy blue) goes on smooth and essentially enhances your lips’ natural berry tones. While all the magazines push the ‘berry/wine’ lip, Hello Sailor is actually something real people can wear in real life. What I love most about this product is that it looks different on every single person who wears it. For $25, it’s like getting a custom-made balm from Poppy King herself.

Available directly from Lipstick Queen online, you can also purchase this item at Barneys, Space NK boutiques and from Net-a-porter (whose link is above).

I’ll admit, the sheer terror on peoples faces as you apply blue lip color to your pout is pretty fun, but in all honesty, this product delivers in every way. It’s easy to use (you don’t even need a mirror to apply it), its flattering on all lip shades and with this in your pocket you’re ready to go from day to night without a hitch.

Fyi, I love this stuff so much I have every intention of trying Lipstick Queen’s ‘Frog Prince’ once it becomes available. I’ll let you know if that one ends happily ever after…until then I’m all aboard…

xo Elisa



  1. Leticia was waiting for a block all month. thank you. I love your comments on beauty.
    happy spring to all your readers.

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