A Provocative Post…

Don’t get too excited, I’ve hardly decided to jump on the “50 Shades of Grey” train, but today’s post will in fact have everyone wishing they could get their hands on a “chubby.”  Yes, you read correctly, your favorite blogger is talkin’ chubbies.  Get your minds out of the gutter gals, I’m referring to Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Contour Balm.

This is not a new product out on the market, but it is fairly new to me.  I call it my weekend warrior.  This stuff is great for when you need to go out but don’t want the hassle of getting all dolled up.  It’s quick and gives your lips that pop of color you get after you’ve just had a popsicle.  The color lasts, it’s moisturizing and it’s so easy to use.  It looks like a fat lip pencil, but it never needs sharpening (it twists at the bottom to give you more product).  It’s balm like in texture so no messy application and you can tuck it away in your pocket without having to drag around your entire makeup bag.  So in essence someone could actually say, “is that a Chubby in your pocket or..?”  I digress, but someone had to say it.

In all seriousness, this stick is the way to go if you’re not a big lipstick wearer.  It’s great for the work week (not too dramatic or overdone) and really perfect for the weekends when no one wants to fuss.  My favorite thing about the Chubby is that because of it’s balm-like quality, gone are the days of the dreaded lipstick on the teeth…I mean nobody likes that! Ick!

Everything about this product makes me happy, it’s texture, it’s effortless application and most especially, its name.  You will also love that it is really easy to get your hands on, as Clinique products are sold just about everywhere you go. (Sephora.com, Clinique.com, virtually any department store).  Plus, unlike some of my past suggestions at $16 – $19 this is really affordable.

I hope you enjoy the Chubby as much as I do.

Happy Shopping…xo Elisa



A Family Affair…

Not the Sissy, Buffy and Jody t.v. variety of the late 60’s and not the Sly and the Family Stone tune of the 70’s.  Today we’re talking about the cosmetic dynasty of the Lauder family.  A nice little jewish girl from Queens grew up to be THE name in ladies cosmetics.  The Estee Lauder company was founded in 1935 and today, in 2012 her grand-daughter Aerin (who has worked for her family’s company for over 20 years) has launched her own line (aptly titled  Aerin Beauty)…and the proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree.

By now we know I have tried many different cosmetic lines.  I’ve adored some, could have lived without others, but Aerin Lauder seems to have tapped into a market that didn’t exist until now.  She’s created a cosmetic line for the busy woman who still craves luxury but just doesn’t have the time to spend hours in front of her mirror.  I will say the entire line is splendid, but I am going to single out 2 items, because I feel like now that I have them I cannot live without them.

Firstly I should let you know I am not a trendy makeup person.  I prefer to look like myself, but better.  No cat eye liner or fake lashes on this face.  It seems Ms Lauder’s philosophy is the same.  She has offered 2 palettes in her fall collection which she titles Weekday and Weekend.  (Because of my coloring I chose the Weekday one, so that is the one that I will be referencing today).  It comes with 2 neutral shadows, 1 highlighter and the most flattering blush. It is served up in the most beautiful brushed gold, mirrored compact, which comes in a light pink, felt bag that is absolutely 100% reusable for travel, or jewelry or any other use you can think of.  Since I’ve brought this home with me I’ve used nothing else.  The second product worth mentioning is her Rose Lip Conditioner.  I use this stuff before I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning before I put anything else on my lips.  Not only does it keep my lips hydrated, it’s never greasy and it smells ever so slightly of rose (but not that fake, overpowering, rose scent you can find in cheap soaps or creams, this is so gently scented it leaves you wanting more).

So there you have it, a two-fer this weekend from me to you…Both these products can be ordered on Esteelauder.com and can be found at just about any high-end department store at the Estee Lauder counter near their Re-Nutriv products.  I know if you enjoy these products a fraction of the amount that I do, then I know you’ll be satisfied.

Happy Weekend Beauty Buddies…xo Elisa

“All the leaves are brown…and the sky is gray…”

Yup, fall is among us and with it brings a change in your skin care regimen.  The leaves may be brown, the sky may be gray, but your complexion doesn’t have to be!  For this to come to fruition you need to up your moisturizer game.  What has been working for you all summer long probably wont cut it for the fall and winter months.  Breaking up is always hard to do, but it’s time for you and your summer moisturizer to spend some time apart.  It’s okay, embrace the change, you’ll see each other again next spring.  Until then trust me, I’ve kept hydrated with the best of them and for me…nothing beats Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Cream.

During the summer, many of us go with lotions that are slightly lighter in texture so as not to clog our pores when the heat and humidity are out of control.  In winter, it’s time to transition to a cream.  Future Response Age Defense Cream hydrates in addition to helping the skin’s cells regenerate themselves, but that’s not why I love it.  This stuff goes on smooth and light,  keeps my face moisturized all day long and nary a poor is clogged.  So when it’s 15 below zero (as it is in Montreal sometimes) and your “epidermis” is showing, you won’t care because you know you’ll be well protected.

Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Cream is sold at Neiman Marcus stores, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora and on the Amore Pacific website (it sells for $195 for 1.7 full oz.).  I know it’s not chump change, but it will last you an entire season and then some.  It’s my go to winter moisturizer and I hope you all like it.

“California Dreamin’ on such a (hydrated) winter’s day…”

xo Elisa

A Real Eye Opener…Like for Real…

I have recently just come across what is to me the single, best mascara out there.  I’ve tried so many throughout the years and have been satisfied with a few, but until recently none were truly “blog worthy.”  I happen to have thick hair and thus my eyelashes are heavy…to better clarify, if my eyelashes were a girl, they’d be “big-boned.”  So I will say that crucial to any mascara application on my face an eyelash curler is 100% necessary.  So much like building a house, you need to start with a strong foundation- the eyelash curler.  However once that’s done your go to product for curl, staying power, non-clumpiness and all around mascara perfection is…..Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara($24 at sephora.ca or $20 at urbandecay.com)

Not only does this last all day without any dried up flakiness, but my lashes do hold their curl and my eyes look alert and well framed all day.  I knew this mascara was the one when I gave it the NYC shopping test. (The most grueling of all cosmetic testing).  That being walking through the streets of Manhattan from morning to-night, sunglasses on and off with each store entry (and there were many I might add), the intense humidity found only in that city and of course my constant state of glistening perspiration (or in my case, full on sweatiness). This stuff lasted!

Even the brush on this mascara is user-friendly, literally, it’s curved in the shape of your eye which makes it’s application idiot proof (and by idiot proof I mean even I can use it)! So I hope it’s a winner for your lashes everywhere…

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

xo Elisa

Goodnight Moon…

I used to babysit as a kid, ALOT, and all the parents used to leave me Goodnight Moon to read to their kids.  I gotta tell ya, I kinda found it a little boring.  I wanted to read them something exciting, with different voices, and action, maybe cute puppies, but no, Goodnight Moon was always their first choice book.  Cut to 2012, my friends all have kids, and many of them still read Goodnight Moon to them…the difference is, I get it now!  Goodnight Moon is the bedtime Zen book, it mellows the kid out, gives parents the hope of a good night’s sleep, knowing their children have been tucked away with “goodnight noises everywhere” and a chance to wake up to a fresh new day.

Today’s product is the Goodnight Moon for grown ups.  It’s Amore Pacific Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil ($195 at Sephora.com, neimanmarcus.com, and it is available at Holt Renfrew in Ontario).  It may seem pricey, I know remember I use it, but it is well worth it I assure you.  This is great for all skin types and I mean all skin types.  Two or three drops each night, applied on clean skin will change your skin forever.  I imagine some of you are thinking, “oil? on my face?”…I know I did before I tried it and now I think this may be one of the greatest skin care treatments out there.  First of all the oil is not oily, and leaves your face smooth and dry.  I no longer wake up to a face that resembles the unfortunate Exxon Valdez oil spill  of ’89.  This stuff seems to repair the damage done to your skin during the day and allows you to wake up fresh-faced and fabulous.  A few months ago I got wind burn on my face, too afraid to use anything too greasy but desperately needing to fix this issue I went right to my Green tea seed treatment oil and after one night’s sleep my inflamed face had faded and I was completely rehydrated.

When I wrote my intro to this blog, I stated how I wanted  people to take the time in their day to do something nice for themselves, this is that something.  The smell of this stuff is amazing, it’s like zen in a bottle and it’s texture is pure bliss.  Take my word on this one, treat yourself to it or put it on a birthday/christmas list…my only complaint is that my night-time ritual doesn’t last longer.

Enjoy it….I know I do…

Oh and “goodnight stars. Goodnight air.” Goodnight to products everywhere.

xo Elisa

Simply the BESS…

Noooooo…my recent Labour Day weekend trip to NYC did not render me illiterate (destitute possibly, but illiterate, never).  Today’s product recommendation is all about Bess, Edward Bess…or rather his totally, amazing lip liner.

Many chose not to wear lip liner at all, some wear it wrong (dear Lord, please allow me to never see another pair of lips outlined-EVER)!  What separates Edward Bess’ Lip Liner from all the dozens and dozens of other companies out there, is his choice of color selection.  Simply put, he offers no color selection.  (Think of it as liner for dummies).  He offers one option, NATURAL, and I kid you not, it works!  I’ve spent so many years trying to find that perfect liner to match my lipstick, or one whose pigment works with my lip tone.  Edward Bess Lip Liner in Natural works perfectly with every color lipstick I’ve tried, from the palest of pales to the most flattering fuschias, this liner rocked them all.

I promise you this will be the last liner you ever buy, not only does it work with just about every color, you get TWO of them in the pack…($29 at sephora.ca and neimanmarcus.com).  I know you’re going to love this one….

*A little bonus tip:  when applying lipstick, apply liner after your lipstick, it’ll help blend the color, define your lip shape and stop any bleeding/running of color.  I hope you all fall in love with your perfect pouts after this one!  Enjoy…xo Elisa

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