Tamed Tresses…

This post could have just as easily been called; Bye Bye Big Hair or Frizz This!! but regardless of its title the message is the same, kiss your frizzies goodbye.

I was recently away for the weekend and rather than schlepping my ginormous bottles of shampoo and conditioner with me I decided to buy something over there.  Sephora was directly across the street from my hotel (a very happy accident I assure you) so I went in to buy tiny sized bottles of sulphate free shampoo and conditioner (hotels rarely do sulphate free).  I was hemming and hawing between two brands when the sales associate came over and suggested I try the one she deemed better for my hair.

I should let you know, I do nothing with my hair, if hair-ability were an olympic event, I wouldn’t even make the trials.  I have many gifts, but hair styling is not one of them. So I opt for a cut that is easy to wash and go.  I have very thick hair and a lot of it, so frizz is not my friend.  I wanted to wait before recommending this product for 2 reasons, firstly I wanted to be sure I did 2 washes at home so as not to praise a product for making my hair ridiculously soft when in fact it was the water from my hotel and secondly I didn’t think it was a good idea to blog while sipping Mimosa’s ( I was in Vegas, don’t judge me)!

Now for today’s recommendation:  Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and conditioner.  I can’t believe I never tried this stuff sooner.  My hair is incredibly soft, shiny and feels weightless.  As for frizz, it is a thing of the past.  The link above will take you directly to the Discovery Kit which is how I was introduced to this life saver,  for $29 you get a small shampoo, conditioner and styling cream.  You can buy Living Proof at sephora.com or online directly at Livingproof.com.

If by some chance my recommendation isn’t enough (it should be enough) Jennifer Aniston liked the products so much she bought into the company.  How ya like me now?  😉

I am Living Proof that their No Frizz products really do work…

xo Elisa


Hot Flash Fixer….

It’s happened to us all, you’re in a restaurant enjoying a nice evening out, when suddenly this overpowering warmth from within takes over, you ignore it and pretend it’s not happening, when your dinner date says, “You’re sweating, are you okay?”  This only exacerbates the flush, intensifying it by 100%! Whether the flush is caused by menopause or you’re just overdressed for the occasion, you’re sweating and it’s dripping down your face and pretty soon your cheek color will be at your chin.  What do you do?

You do NOT take your napkin from your lap and swipe it across your face or worse, use your sleeve! GROSS! Lucky for you, you have me!  Today’s product won’t stop the “hot flash” from coming on, but it will make the “post flash” cleanup a lot more glamorous. Bobbi Brown’s Blotting Papers  at $20/pack (100 sheets) plus a gorgeous, black faux leather, mirrored compact is the solution that won’t cause poor Emily Post to roll over in her grave, or your dinner date from seeking date number 2.

Unlike just about every other blotting paper out there, Bobbi’s don’t leave you looking like a Kabuki theater reject!  These sheets are powderless and simply absorb the excess oil from your face.  Plus the mirror inside lets you see if you have any spinach in your teeth (I haven’t quite found the product to stop that from happening…yet)!  This compact is small enough to fit into the tiniest of clutches and refills can be purchased for $10 so you never need to replace the original compact.

The only downside is forgetting to put them in your handbag as I did last weekend and instead of the sympathetic, “are you okay?” I got, “Ha, you’re sweating…Ha Ha Ha!”  Very humbling I assure you and slightly mortifying!

Learn from my mistake!  Blot on readers…xo Elisa

blotting papers

“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…”

So my Grandmother called it ‘rouge’, now it’s known as ‘cheek color’ or ‘stain’, I have always called it ‘Blush.’  The idea behind it (and Shakespeare’s quote) is the same, it doesn’t matter what you call something, it’s what it is that matters.

For years I’ve tried to find a product that could recreate that natural, healthy flush of color we get on our faces after having exerted ourselves physically or embarrassed ourselves, or in my case when someone compliments me on something.  (My sheer ineptitude at accepting compliments results in an ever so humbling/flattering shade of red that flushes my cheeks). I thought I’d come close many times, but was never completely 100% satisfied…until now!

Tom Ford Cheek Color is that 100% perfect flush of color I have been searching for.  Most blushes seem to sit atop your skin and fade by the end of the day, starting you off looking a wee bit like Bozo and leaving you gaunt by days end.  I don’t know how Mr. Ford does it, but his cheek color seems to brighten from within and lasts all day long.  I apply it with a large-headed Blush brush, tap off any excess powder and blend it from the apples of your cheeks (which is the part of your cheeks that are in line with the tip of your nose) upward.  Unlike other blushes I’ve tried, Tom Ford’s Cheek Color goes on velvety smooth with no uneven spots or blotchy application.  A little goes a long way with this product and the result is perfection.

At $55 (available at Neiman Marcus and wherever Tom Ford Cosmetics are sold) this blush should last you a very long time.  I’ve been using it for roughly a month and I’ve barely made a dent in it.  Plus it comes in a lovely red/gold compact which will spruce up any vanity table. My go to color is Ravish which is the shade pictured below.

I hope you get “flushed” with compliments and enjoy this little “pop” of perfection.

Happy Shopping…xo Elisa


The Multi-Tasker…

As a general rule I don’t normally endorse products from the same company back to back. However this being a new year, rules were meant to be broken (especially by this goody 2 shoes), plus this product is way too good to keep all to myself.

Perricone MD’s No Concealer, Concealer is the brilliant product I am referring to. I cannot multi-task to save my life and quite frankly, the people who think they can, well, they’re kind of kidding themselves. Not Dr. Perricone though, he has managed to make a concealer that not only hides fine lines and brightens the under-eye area but also acts as an amazing eye shadow primer. This is hands down the best concealer I have ever used, it goes on smooth, really brightens and doesn’t settle into my well-earned crows feet, in fact it just about erases those fine lines altogether. Dark circles are a thing of the past and I have to tell you I don’t miss them. No Concealer, Concealer comes in 1 shade that really is suitable for most skin tones (it works perfectly with mine) and gives great, long wearing coverage to last throughout the day, plus it is one of the only concealers out there that offers SPF 35 protection.

One gentle pump (if you pump too hard too much comes out and it’s wasted), warm it between your fingers and pat it all around your under-eye area and lid (to use as an eyeshadow primer) and you are looking 5 years younger. To really perk up your peepers, gently pat some on where your nose meets your eyes.

No Concealer, Concealer will set you back $45 but as I mentioned with Blue Plasma if you order directly from Perriconemd.com and use their auto replenishment service you save 10%.

I cannot say enough about how much I love this stuff. I just recently travelled (which does unpleasant things to my skin) and I got off the plane looking well rested and feeling amazing.

Here’s to the no eye lift, lift via the No Concealer, Concealer!

xo Elisa

no concealer, concealer


Blue Plasma…

It sounds like something NASA is working on in their laboratories or maybe a sequel to Soylent Green, but NO, Blue Plasma is Dr. Perricone’s amazing, new, daily, non-acidic peel.  I have never used anything like this!  As a general rule I stay away from peels, the thought of “peeling” away layers of my skin kind of “freaks me out!”  They can be irritating to the skin, cause redness and problems where none existed before.

Then Perricone MD unveils their new un-peel and I’m somewhat intrigued.  Something gentle enough to use everyday, promising to slough away only dead skin and unclog my pores.  My father always taught me that if it sounds too good to be true then it isn’t, Dad has never been wrong, but Dad never tried Blue Plasma.  My skin is glowing, hydrated and totally happy!!!

Perricone MD products are available at Sephora.com, but I suggest you purchase them directly from Perriconemd.com , they offer an automatic replenishing service and when you sign up for it you save 10% and get a free gift. Which means rather than paying the $95 it costs elsewhere, you get the same exact product for $85.50 plus you get a free Citrus Facial Wash.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

So in the spirit of the New Year/New You, let Blue Plasma bring you New Skin!

Enjoy…xo ElisaBlue Plasma


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