In Lieu of Dairy Queen…

So over the last few months I’ve taken up a healthier lifestyle, at least where food is concerned.  I’ve tried to cut down my intake and cut out my meals where the 3 main food groups were chocolate, ice cream and marshmallow fluff.  I am however a very reward oriented person and need some kind of “treat” at the end of the work week to make me feel gratified.  Some would call that reward a paycheck, but that doesn’t cut it for me literally and figuratively.  Dairy Queen (peanut buster parfait or Reese’s/banana blizzard) was my go to “prize,” but when that started to be my dinner of choice I knew I needed something else.  I finally got some much-needed discipline and rejoined the world of healthy eating.  This however left me rewardless (don’t get your kleenex out just yet, this story gets better), what else could I treat myself with other than food?

Which brings me to today’s reward-worthy product.  Josie Maran’s Argan Hot Oil Self-Heating Hair Treatment is that product.  Once a week I treat myself to this absolutely delicious experience.  This is not your Mother’s Hot Oil Treatment!  This is a no fuss, no muss self heating oil that comes in this little easy to open ampoule that you empty into your hands and rub onto your ends after you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair.  Leave it in for 3 minutes and BAM! gorgeous, soft, shiny, amazingly manageable hair.  It’s paraben free and cruelty free and most importantly has left me 20 lbs thinner…(well that’s because I turned to Hot Oil instead of Ice Cream).  I seriously look forward to this treatment all week-long.  My hair is stronger,  healthier and if you massage it into your scalp like I do, it gets shinier.  The warming sensation is a fun little bonus too.  I love this stuff!  When you purchase it, you get 5 ampoules that are resealable (though I use the whole thing) and every time I’ve bought it, there was a sample of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Serum inside, a double bonus because I use that too as a frizz fighter.  FYI Josie Maran’s products are also featured at, this one will only set your back $36, which is really a little more than a dollar a treatment (not only do I blog, I have some mad math skills as well).

So treat yourself to something special this week and something that is really good for you too…but trust me, I haven’t completely broken up with Dairy Queen, we’re just seeing other people right now.

Enjoy and keep shining…xo Elisa


  1. Sounds incredible and once my hair grows back, I will give it a go! Just think, new hair that is treated from the word go!!! Can’t wait!

  2. i will try this on the weekend. love the tip

  3. Peanut buster parfait…mmmm…my favorite! lol 🙂 Love your tips…will try this one 🙂

  4. love the blog. thank you

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