Astral Projection…

I’m in a patisserie in Paris. The enticing aroma of pistachio macaroons is wafting in the air, I think I’ll buy a dozen. Wait…I’m not in Paris at all, I’m in my very own bathtub at home, soaking in what is hands down THE best bath I have ever experienced!

It wasn’t astral projection I was experiencing, it was today’s euphoric product recommendation. Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache  Honey Bath and Souffle Body Creme are the two items that transported me from my bathroom in Montreal, Canada to an exotic bakery somewhere in France.

Until you’ve actually experienced this bath time sensation, you cannot know how amazing it really is.  Bubbles galore and a bathroom that smelled better than anything I can remember. Laura Mercier’s Body and Bath Collection is inspired by yummy confectionery creations like almond coconut, fresh fig, amber vanilla, creme Brule or my favorite pistachio. Each one smells better than the next and this time of year you can find a large variety of Limited Edition Gift Sets at most fine department stores (Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew,

So have yourself a “Mercier Little Christmas!”

xo Elisa



  1. Sounds scrumptious! Merci to Mercier and you!

  2. angie loves bath and body creams. this was a great tip today. angie would love another bath tip in the future. happy thanksgiving to our american friends. angie

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