“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…”

So my Grandmother called it ‘rouge’, now it’s known as ‘cheek color’ or ‘stain’, I have always called it ‘Blush.’  The idea behind it (and Shakespeare’s quote) is the same, it doesn’t matter what you call something, it’s what it is that matters.

For years I’ve tried to find a product that could recreate that natural, healthy flush of color we get on our faces after having exerted ourselves physically or embarrassed ourselves, or in my case when someone compliments me on something.  (My sheer ineptitude at accepting compliments results in an ever so humbling/flattering shade of red that flushes my cheeks). I thought I’d come close many times, but was never completely 100% satisfied…until now!

Tom Ford Cheek Color is that 100% perfect flush of color I have been searching for.  Most blushes seem to sit atop your skin and fade by the end of the day, starting you off looking a wee bit like Bozo and leaving you gaunt by days end.  I don’t know how Mr. Ford does it, but his cheek color seems to brighten from within and lasts all day long.  I apply it with a large-headed Blush brush, tap off any excess powder and blend it from the apples of your cheeks (which is the part of your cheeks that are in line with the tip of your nose) upward.  Unlike other blushes I’ve tried, Tom Ford’s Cheek Color goes on velvety smooth with no uneven spots or blotchy application.  A little goes a long way with this product and the result is perfection.

At $55 (available at Neiman Marcus and wherever Tom Ford Cosmetics are sold) this blush should last you a very long time.  I’ve been using it for roughly a month and I’ve barely made a dent in it.  Plus it comes in a lovely red/gold compact which will spruce up any vanity table. My go to color is Ravish which is the shade pictured below.

I hope you get “flushed” with compliments and enjoy this little “pop” of perfection.

Happy Shopping…xo Elisa


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