“Do You Believe in Magic?”

Not the Lovin’ Spoonful variety, but the cosmetic kind that claims to do something, but never really quite delivers!  For every 5 products that fail to live up to their promised result, there is always one that does what it says and it kind of makes it all worthwhile. Today’s product is that 1 in 5 that actually delivers the goods, and then some.

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm is that product.  At $31 it’s seems pricey, but don’t be deterred by that, it’s worth every penny!  This Balm is in fact “the Bomb!”  This is not your typical chapstick. Somehow this formula mixes with your natural lip color and magically gives your lips a hint of color that is both fresh and unique to your skin tone. I am well aware there exist many products that promise to do this, but I’ve never found one that actually delivered on that promise and kept my lips hydrated.  It’s almost as if Dior customized a lip product just for you. How very nice of them…;)

If you’re still unconvinced that this stuff is awesome…

Sometimes I just want to leave the house without my arsenal of cosmetics.  I don’t want to carry the 15 pound handbag that often accompanies me wherever I go. I am however one of those people who looks completely washed out without lip color, so this product is a winner for me all around. With Dior Lip Glow I put on my regular lipstick at home and just toss this into my pocket and I’m out the door.  I reapply this throughout the day and my lips still look red carpet ready.  J’adore!!!

So tonight like many of you, I will be at home watching the “Oscars” from my couch, in my best sweats with an absolutely perfect looking pout courtesy of Dior!  So, yeah, I guess I do believe in magic…The magic of Dior!

…xo Elisa

dior lip glow

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