Easy, Peasy, Summer Breezy!

We all lighten our load in the summer.

Some of us shed layers of clothes, others shed pounds for bathing suit season, then there are folks like me who shed their makeup routine.

While always wanting to look my best, when it’s hot and sweaty outside there is no way I’m going full throttle in the makeup department. Having said that, don’t think you’re going to find me bare-faced in the city. Last year I introduced you to Origins Vitazing SPF moisturizer (see Thank You Notes).  This years summer favorite can be worn over your Vitazing and has 2 functions ( I love a good multi-tasker)!

Drum roll please…

YSL Kiss & Blush is this summer’s multitasking product of choice. It’s a velvety textured cream that can be worn on both cheeks and lips, with a “smoochie” lip shaped applicator that goes on smooth and lasts for hours. This item is ideal for weekend outings when you wanna look your best but cannot be bothered with the whole pomp and circumstance of a full on makeup session. Plus, if you live in a climate that experiences a nasty winter, you don’t want to spend your entire summer in front of a vanity mirror.

Get out there and enjoy the day with only one product in your pocket or purse! There are 12 colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one to your liking. I’m a neutral girl so I went with the Nude Insolent, it really warmed up my cheeks and was super flattering on my lips.

Lightening your load with Kiss & Blush will also lighten your wallet $40 ($45 Canadian), but you really are getting 2 products in one here. I think you’ll consider it a good investment, especially when your out for dinner and a touch up involves just one little bottle and not an entire beauty arsenal!

You can find YSL at Sephora.com and at all department stores where YSL is sold.

So Happy Summer Y’all!

It’s good to be back and there’s so much more coming soon.

xo Elisa

Kiss Blush



All About Yves…

Not the back-stabbing, steal your life, ingenue Eve, today we’re talking Yves St. Laurent.  I could easily go on a rant about YSL’s beautifully crafted clothing and accessories line, but today is reserved for gloss and gloss alone.  Yves St. Laurent Golden Gloss is and always has been my very favorite lip gloss out there.  With 27 different shades to choose from, finding one that will work for you won’t be a problem.  Each shade,  makes your lips radiate sophistication and glamour by way of  24 carat gold flecks that comprise 0.2% of this product, making this item  “worth its weight in gold”…literally.

At $30, this gloss is priced competitively, but none of its competitors come close with regards to texture, variety and scent.  I’m a scent oriented gal and this one is scented ever so slightly with a hint of mango.  Yummy and gorgeous, not bad for a lip gloss!  Unlike similar products that can be greasy and sticky,  YSL Golden Gloss nourishes your pout without leaving your lips stuck together.  As far as glosses go, this one is perfection!

Available at most department stores at the YSL cosmetic counter, online at yslbeautyus.com and at sephora.com, I promise you this gloss won’t disappoint.  I have what others call olive skin and it is most difficult to find a gloss that suits my skin tone without making me look like a pre-pubescent girl or a porn star…THIS is that gloss!

So happy shopping…Gloss on Glamour Gals…xo Elisa

A Provocative Post…

Don’t get too excited, I’ve hardly decided to jump on the “50 Shades of Grey” train, but today’s post will in fact have everyone wishing they could get their hands on a “chubby.”  Yes, you read correctly, your favorite blogger is talkin’ chubbies.  Get your minds out of the gutter gals, I’m referring to Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Contour Balm.

This is not a new product out on the market, but it is fairly new to me.  I call it my weekend warrior.  This stuff is great for when you need to go out but don’t want the hassle of getting all dolled up.  It’s quick and gives your lips that pop of color you get after you’ve just had a popsicle.  The color lasts, it’s moisturizing and it’s so easy to use.  It looks like a fat lip pencil, but it never needs sharpening (it twists at the bottom to give you more product).  It’s balm like in texture so no messy application and you can tuck it away in your pocket without having to drag around your entire makeup bag.  So in essence someone could actually say, “is that a Chubby in your pocket or..?”  I digress, but someone had to say it.

In all seriousness, this stick is the way to go if you’re not a big lipstick wearer.  It’s great for the work week (not too dramatic or overdone) and really perfect for the weekends when no one wants to fuss.  My favorite thing about the Chubby is that because of it’s balm-like quality, gone are the days of the dreaded lipstick on the teeth…I mean nobody likes that! Ick!

Everything about this product makes me happy, it’s texture, it’s effortless application and most especially, its name.  You will also love that it is really easy to get your hands on, as Clinique products are sold just about everywhere you go. (Sephora.com, Clinique.com, virtually any department store).  Plus, unlike some of my past suggestions at $16 – $19 this is really affordable.

I hope you enjoy the Chubby as much as I do.

Happy Shopping…xo Elisa



Simply the BESS…

Noooooo…my recent Labour Day weekend trip to NYC did not render me illiterate (destitute possibly, but illiterate, never).  Today’s product recommendation is all about Bess, Edward Bess…or rather his totally, amazing lip liner.

Many chose not to wear lip liner at all, some wear it wrong (dear Lord, please allow me to never see another pair of lips outlined-EVER)!  What separates Edward Bess’ Lip Liner from all the dozens and dozens of other companies out there, is his choice of color selection.  Simply put, he offers no color selection.  (Think of it as liner for dummies).  He offers one option, NATURAL, and I kid you not, it works!  I’ve spent so many years trying to find that perfect liner to match my lipstick, or one whose pigment works with my lip tone.  Edward Bess Lip Liner in Natural works perfectly with every color lipstick I’ve tried, from the palest of pales to the most flattering fuschias, this liner rocked them all.

I promise you this will be the last liner you ever buy, not only does it work with just about every color, you get TWO of them in the pack…($29 at sephora.ca and neimanmarcus.com).  I know you’re going to love this one….

*A little bonus tip:  when applying lipstick, apply liner after your lipstick, it’ll help blend the color, define your lip shape and stop any bleeding/running of color.  I hope you all fall in love with your perfect pouts after this one!  Enjoy…xo Elisa

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