Cuckoo for Coco!

Coco Chanel that is… not the Puffs (though they are pretty enjoyable in their own right)!

I don’t know if it’s in our DNA as females, but just seeing that double “C” logo can make a perfectly sane person go ‘loco for coco!’

Their trademark quilted bags leave us week in the knees, their tweed suits are coveted by millions, their camellia designed jewelry is always breathtaking and affordable only to those who don’t have to ask “how much?”

*(FYI, when a magazine states “price upon request” what they’re saying is:  “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”)!

Today that all changes, Chanel has recently launched a new trio of skin care products that are designed to help restore your skin to its optimal state and are actually priced competitively, which means you can ask how much and purchase accordingly.

Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare is their newest skin care innovation. Three different treatments whose sole purpose is to undo the damage done to your skin by lack of sleep, travel and all of life’s daily stresses.  What is amazing about these 3 items is that they really do work.

Chanel has used the week to structure their skin care line. Le Jour de Chanel ($85), is your week-day serum to be applied after cleansing and before your moisturizer. You will see a reduction in pore size (something many products claim to do and don’t deliver on) and a radiance to your skin that is unbelievable. Le Nuit de Chanel ($85), is your one-step, night-time face care, however if you have very dry skin you can add a moisturizer on top but I find it as yet unnecessary (maybe winter time that will change). What you will wake up to is well rested, supple, smooth skin that is awe-inspiring. Rounding up this ‘trilogy’  is Le Weekend de Chanel ($115), to be used both morning and evening on the weekends. Infused with rose-water (to calm) and glycolic acid (to exfoliate) your skin is hydrated and luminous. Of the three, I notice the biggest difference when I use this one. There is a glow to my skin that up until now has been unprecedented! I can leave my house on the weekends with this on my face and just some sunscreen and c’est tout!  If you must choose one, Le Weekend would be my choice though all three are worth the investment.

For a limited time, as an introductory offer, many department stores are offering all 3 in a boxed set for a slightly discounted price.  If you can get your hands on one go for it.  Chanel is never discounted or on sale!

This is one of those times when I get so excited about a product that I feel my words don’t do it justice. Regardless, I had to let you in on my new favorite skin care obsession. The concept (the week), the results (flawless skin) and the ritual of once again taking the time to do something kind for yourself.  This is a win-win-win item for me.

Hope your week is exceptional!

xo Elisa



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