The equivalent to “The Pact”

Whenever anyone asks me for a reading recommendation, my go to book is always “The Pact” by Jodi Picoult.  Even though I read it some 15 years ago, it is the single recommendation that is truly, universally enjoyed by everyone.  It is by no means my favorite book, but it’s pretty well suited to everyone’s taste.  And so for my first blog featuring an actual product recommendation, I went with the equivalent to “The Pact.”…

Kate Somerville’s Eradikate is that product.  It’s hardly a glamour purchase, but  it does get results.  Essentially, Eradikate is a calamine lotion, colored zit zapper.  It will dry up any zit in a fraction of the time it takes for any other spot treatment to work.  Plus, it won’t dry out or flake your skin…I can even attest to it stopping a potential zit before it came to fruition.  No joke this stuff is that good!  The small bottle lasts forever and costs only $22 (at , ) or  $27 (in Canada at  I know zits aren’t fun, but hey “Zit happens!”  (I apologize, I couldn’t resist that one…)  So now you all know that when bad zits happen to good people you are armed with THE best defense.

Next time we’ll talk more glam/luxe items, but for now, enjoy your clear complexion…

xo Elisa


  1. Can’t wait to try every product you talk about. I still use the same shampoo you told me about 20 years ago. Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Can’t wait to learn about some miraculous products!!

  3. If anyone knows their products, it’s you!!! You have always been the “Go To” when it comes to any products or home design!!! Great blog!!! xxx

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