This blog could have just as easily  been called, “Products, Passion and Guilt,” but I went with TRUTHis BEAUT-E because my goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the amazing array of products out there that have helped me to feel great and to look just a wee bit better (the beauty portion of the title).  Also I intend to approach this as I do everything else in my life…honestly.  I vow never to post anything without ever having tried it myself, (hence the “truth” portion of the name).

As for the possible alternate title, well clearly my “passion” for “products” (which will remain the general term for all items suggested on this blog from here on in) started at a very early age.  My love of scents and colors, serums and creams have provided me with an “off the charts” knowledge of this stuff.  I’ve tried tons and I intend to try even more over the life of this blog.  However the “Guilt” issue is probably the more interesting one and the one that fuels my goal.  Ever since I can remember people have always complimented my complexion.  I say this not as a boastful item ( if you know me, you know I don’t have a boastful bone in my body), it’s merely something people frequently notice and compliment me on (AND most probably due to genes passed along by my parents).  That’s where the guilt comes in, I have no more ability to chose my genes as I do my height (more “truth,” since that at 5′ 2″ I’d certainly chose to be slightly less vertically challenged).  What I do have is a vast product knowledge that can help people look and feel better about themselves, and THAT is my goal.

It’s not about wearing makeup to look prettier, it’s about taking the time to do something nice for yourself that makes you FEEL better.

I sincerely hope you all stick around to read future blogs, which will focus on individual products and issues.  There’ll be talk of zits, spots, lipsticks, liners, all the fun stuff…Also I hope I can answer any questions people may have.  Thanks for reading…

Welcome aboard….

xo Elisa


  1. Sari Litman says:

    What an amazing blog.

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