G’day Mate Indeed…

Prediction: You are all going to love me for this one!

Australia has been responsible for providing the world with many great gifts; Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann, Ugg Boots, Poppy King, INXS, Olivia Newton-John, Helen Reddy (don’t judge me, everybody loves “You and me Against the World”), the list goes on and on.

At this point I’m fairly certain you are rereading the list above, nodding your head at every name mentioned but taking a double take at Poppy King. You may not know her name now but you will remember it well once you try today’s item of choice.

Poppy King is a native of Melbourne, Australia who wasn’t quite satisfied with the lipstick selections down under, so she did what most awesome, take charge ladies do, she decided to make her own. Lipstick Queen is that company and today’s product is their Invisible Lip Liner.

All I can say is AMAZING! This is the perfect product and for so many reasons. Not only does it work with absolutely any lipstick color out there, it works equally well with glosses and stains. For lack of a better phrase, this product is idiot proof.

To be honest, I’m pretty bad at drawing any form of line, anywhere, even with a ruler, so you can only imagine the difficulty I have trying to outline the shape of my lips. This product is 100% colorless, so basically, you cannot screw this up. Even with the reddest of colors, you get a perfect shape every time, with no color bleeding at all.

Thank you Australia for Poppy King. I can forgive you for your creation of Vegemite, but only because you are also responsible for the creation of my brother in law and niece!

So line away lip lovers, this item is the real deal!

xo Elisa…










  1. You must have the most amazing brother in law and niece to give them an honourable mention in your phenomenal blog!!!! Their mother, your sister, must be somewhat of an amazing woman to have chosen such an incredible man and together they have raised an outstanding daughter, who anyone would be proud to call their own!!!! Anything Australian is a win!!!! You beauty!!! That’s a rippa mate!!!!!

  2. well I guess I need to go to Australia. because a lip cover that doesn’t make a mess. wowwawiwa!!!!!!!!!! thanks for another great idea. I guess I should wish all of our American friends a happy thanksgiving weekend. bye for now.

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