Scents….and Sensibility….

With summer over, gone is the sunshine, the heat, the humidity and thankfully the odor of those that don’t shower often enough.  No need to worry, I’m not “going there…”

Today’s post is all about scents (the sensibility will come later, I promise).  I am fairly certain that most of you have a signature fragrance, not necessarily by choice, but by mere convenience.  Someone bought you a bottle of perfume once and that’s what you wear, or you smelled something amazing on someone else and now wear their fragrance.  Like with people, your relationship with a perfume depends on chemistry.  You don’t pick your friends because someone you know says, “this is my friend, she should be yours too.”  You have to get to know someone and see if your personalities click.  Perfume is not much different, it mixes with your body’s chemistry and really does react differently with each and every person who wears it.  Having said that, I seem to have dug myself into a bit of a hole!  Since this blog recommends products I love and use and my body chemistry is obviously different from yours, what do we do?

We do what all smart fashionistas do, we look to Tom Ford for the answer.  With his collection of 18 different scents, Tom Ford’s Private Blend Fragrances  have something for everyone.  My personal taste leans toward the warm, spicy, vanilla blend of the Tabacco Vanille, but I’ve also been known to wear the Noir de Noir.  The entire collection is rich and aromatic, and is meant to be enjoyed in the same way you’d appreciate a really, great cup of brewed coffee or a really fine wine.  These fragrances do not disappoint.

At this point in the blog I generally send you off on your next shopping expedition and hope you’ll be as pleased with the product as I am.  Today however I feel it is my responsibility to address the sensibility issue  I mentioned earlier on.  Much like make-up and other cosmetic products, perfume is meant to enhance your already beautiful self.  When applying perfume you needn’t douse yourself in it, simply spray it directly in front of you and walk through it.  If people know you’ve arrived before you’ve actually entered the room, you know you’ve over done it.

So here is where the fun stops, sometimes I have to be the heavy, it’s not what I enjoy but alas, such is a blogger’s life.  No one said smelling delicious would come cheap, but if you heed my “sensibility warning” above, you’ll go through a lot less perfume and have something that will smell truly unique and last a long time.  So here goes:   Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances are available at and at flagship Sephora stores throughout the globe, they retail from $205 – $495.  What with Christmas around the corner, this would make a decadent and extremely generous gift.

So smell pretty, happy shopping…and don’t hate me because I smell good…  🙂

xo Elisa




  1. did i see your blog in a new york magazine? keep it up angie

  2. Unreal. Love the Tom Ford Lipstick you recommended so his perfume will be my next purchase! You have gotten it right everytime!

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