I always wanted to be Sydney Bristow…

When it began in 2001, Alias, starring Jennifer Garner was just about my favorite program on tv.  Like the Bionic Woman (my 1st favorite tv show), Alias had a female lead who was sensitive and tough as nails all in one.  Sydney Bristow kicked some serious butt as a member of SD6, a secret division of the CIA (which turned out to be a fraud agency), but that’s plot related and we’re talking products here.

So today’s featured item is essentially the Sydney Bristow of zit covering.  It’s another fairly new product in my arsenal, but I’ve fallen fast and hard and I’m pretty sure you will do the same.  It’s Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil and holy wow this stuff is amazing!  Like the infamous “Chubby” of blog’s past, this too looks like a rather stout lip pencil, but what it does is virtually erase any evidence of a blemish on your face.   It kicks the butt of any other spot concealer I have ever used, and it’s so user-friendly.  All you need is this stick and your finger (though I do prefer to use a synthetic make up brush). Put the tip of the pencil to your affected area and just pat it with your finger/brush.  That’s it!  It goes on creamy, dries like a powder and leaves no evidence of either on your face.  If I didn’t use it myself,  I’d never believe something could work this well.  Oh and at $18  ($22 in Canada) it’s a steal!!! (Urbandecay.com, sephora.com).  However the best part of this secret zit weapon is the variety of shades it comes in, all of which are named after government agencies, DEA, CIA, NSA, ATF, etc.

As an animal lover I’m also happy to tell you they are all vegan (which kind of makes you wonder what  some of the other concealers are made from…yikes).

So essentially with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil, I finally get to feel like Sydney Bristow, taking on villains (in the form of acne and dark circles) and working for a high-powered government agency ( the NSA, that’s my shade).

I hope you all enjoy your undercover mission!  Happy shopping.

xo Elisa

A Real Eye Opener…Like for Real…

I have recently just come across what is to me the single, best mascara out there.  I’ve tried so many throughout the years and have been satisfied with a few, but until recently none were truly “blog worthy.”  I happen to have thick hair and thus my eyelashes are heavy…to better clarify, if my eyelashes were a girl, they’d be “big-boned.”  So I will say that crucial to any mascara application on my face an eyelash curler is 100% necessary.  So much like building a house, you need to start with a strong foundation- the eyelash curler.  However once that’s done your go to product for curl, staying power, non-clumpiness and all around mascara perfection is…..Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara($24 at sephora.ca or $20 at urbandecay.com)

Not only does this last all day without any dried up flakiness, but my lashes do hold their curl and my eyes look alert and well framed all day.  I knew this mascara was the one when I gave it the NYC shopping test. (The most grueling of all cosmetic testing).  That being walking through the streets of Manhattan from morning to-night, sunglasses on and off with each store entry (and there were many I might add), the intense humidity found only in that city and of course my constant state of glistening perspiration (or in my case, full on sweatiness). This stuff lasted!

Even the brush on this mascara is user-friendly, literally, it’s curved in the shape of your eye which makes it’s application idiot proof (and by idiot proof I mean even I can use it)! So I hope it’s a winner for your lashes everywhere…

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

xo Elisa

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