Drugstore Cowboy…

25 years ago this month, Matt Dillon starred in Gus Van Sant’s critically acclaimed film Drugstore Cowboy. It was Van Sant’s first major motion picture (Mala Noche was his first film) and it was the first time critics realized Matt Dillon had more than just good looks in his arsenal.

If this were a film blog I would continue down this path and trust me, nothing would make me happier than to marinate on Matt Dillon for the next little while, however we have work to do and I think you’re going to thank me for this one.

Today’s featured item is classic, versatile and will only set you back $12 us or $15 cdn. Found at your local drugstore (hence todays title) Maybelline’s The Nudes is quite possibly my best find yet. With 12 amazing shades, this palette performs! You get a variety of neutral shadows, some shimmery, some matte but all of them wearable.

Often shimmery shadows make your lids look like disco balls, whereas matte ones can look cakey. These go on smooth, look unreal and last all day.

Admittedly I am a fancy pants and we all know my taste in cosmetics runs at the higher end of the spectrum, but this could very well be the best $15 you ever spend! You won’t find another palette out there that is this good for this little.

So before I bid you adieu, let us take a moment to get psyched about great finds at great prices and well of course…Matt Dillon!


the nudes






  1. love the colors. love the price
    will check it out tomorrow

  2. On my way….to get it.

  3. Frugal cosmetics!!!!! Read your blog, ran out to get it before your millions of followers bought them out and once again you have struck gold!!! You should be called the “rhinestone cowgirl” cuz the money you are saving can buy you some serious stones!!!! Thanks for always thinking of us! Great find and great job!!!!

  4. Great post!! Matt Dillon rocks!!

  5. Can’t wait to go buy it, I bought the Bobbi Brown palette last time that you suggested it and I loved it. Can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for blogging!

  6. doesn’t anyone sleep anymore. I wake this morning to read the blog and my local pharmacy is closed. yikeessssssssssssss. thanks for the great tip. keep on blogging. how do you come up with all of these tips.????????????????

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