We’ve all been there, that gross moment when you reach into your handbag to fetch your lipstick and its covered in purse lint, because you failed to cap it properly. Or worse, scenario number 2, where you reach into your bag for a kleenex only to pull out a blood stained tissue…only it’s not blood, it’s your lipstick whose top came off and now it’s all covered in kleenex bits. Sadly, nobody wants to wear purse lint on their lips!

Stress no more…this problem is solved!

Lancome has come out with their Lip Lover Lip Perfector. This isn’t quite a lip stick or a gloss, it’s sort of both and it’s sort of amazing. Firstly, its texture is gloss like, but it has major pigment so it covers like a lipstick. It’s never sticky, it’s very long wearing and it is really moisturizing. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited by a lip product!

You don’t really need a lip liner to wear with it because it looks great neat or messy. Its applicator is a spongy wand and its thick texture really adheres to your lips so it’s never runny.

Still, its very best feature by far is its packaging.  It has a small button on the side of the tube that needs to be pressed in to open the product and clicked in to close it.

Stuff this in your pocket and you are good to go for the day!

They come in 18 different shades, so you’re bound to find one that suits you. I’m partial to Rose des Cygnes!

You can find them anywhere Lancome is sold (Sephora, Pharmacies, Department stores).

Buh Bye to purse lint pouts…Hello to luxurious lips!

You’re Welcome…





  1. kiss kiss bang bang!

  2. this is very exciting information. keep up the fabulous work. best wishes

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