Domo Arigato!

I was 11 years old in 1982 when I saw Styx’ Kilroy was Here concert tour! It still goes down as one of the greatest shows I have ever seen! “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto” was my first introduction to all things Japanese (well omitting the Mr. Roboto part). Years later came my love of sushi and now I’m here to talk about a line of skin care from Japan that will ‘rock your world!’

Koh Gen Doh is that company and their Oriental Plants Clean Foam and Macro Vintage Eye Treatment are the two products that I am raving about today.

The Cleansing foam froths so nicely, is so gentle on the skin and lasts a ridiculously long time. All you need is a pea size amount, add water and wash your face to reveal beautiful, healthy skin. Available online at or directly from the Koh Gen Do website (see link above), this will set you back $45, but well worth it I assure you!

koh gen do cleanser

The Macro Vintage Eye Treatment is off the charts amazing. Available only from their website directly (see link above) or from, this item is on the pricier side. Before I reveal the price, I feel compelled to say it is by far the best eye cream I have ever used! Not only does it smooth the fine lines around my eyes, my skin stays hydrated (not greasy) all day, my make up goes on even better than before (and stays on) and my eyes appear brighter and more rested. The tube should last you a really long time because all you need is the size of a grain of rice for both eyes. Now here is the bad news, the product sells for $138, however when you order from Koh Gen Do directly they have a promotions tab which usually offers great deals and they always seem to send great samples with your online order.

macro vintage eye

This being a new year and all I just want to remind everyone to take a little time to do something nice for yourself. Whether its soaking in a hot tub, getting a massage, or using a great product, TRUTHisBEAUT-E is all about putting aside a couple of minutes a day to take care of ‘you!’

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2014!

xo Elisa

An item from my Bucket List…

Like everybody nowadays, I too have started a bucket list.  It consists of visiting various places around the globe, learning to do things I’ve never done before and well, considering my obsession with skincare, getting a facial at the Tracie Martyn Salon in NYC.  Yes, I am prepared to dole out the $450 it costs to have British facialist Tracie Martyn’s hands grace my face.  (Don’t judge me, that’s not nice)!  Still while I continue to collect the funds necessary to scratch this item off my list, I decided why couldn’t I indulge in some of her company’s wares while I wait.  So after an unfortunate “discussion” (my family’s codename for a big, fat fight) with my significant other I decided I am waiting no more!!!  Living in Montreal, made the actual facial appointment an impossibility, but ordering some cleanser was not.  And that brings me to today’s product, Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, or as I like to call it…Perfection!  ( $65.00 u.s. dollars, but they deliver Internationally).

I’ve used alot of great cleansers in my time, many of which I may still write about later on, but nothing quite like this one.  I’ve never used a cleanser that is so gentle on the skin AND still really, cleans your face.  I’ve always been a personal hygiene freak (remember we don’t judge here), but I actually look forward to washing my face every morning and evening.  Three pumps in the palm of your hand, mixed with a small bit of tepid water and the lather feels amazing.  As if each bubble is gently massaging/cleaning your pores.  Plus it smells like your washing in some kind of beautifully scented, Italian garden.  It’s my favorite way to start and finish my day…Hope you like it…xo elisa

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