This could save your life!!! (okay not really but…)


I spend a lot of money on products, I mean a lot(we don’t judge here, remember).  I certainly spend more than I should, but lucky for you that I do because this is how I’m able to bring you all the best of what’s out there  (oh the sacrifices I make so that you all can look fab)!

Today’s blog however is about 3 skin care practices that are often misused, abused and/or sometimes overlooked all together.  It’s one thing to have the best products out there at your disposal but it’s another to use them incorrectly and waste all of your hard-earned cash.  This is where I come in…

1.  Exfoliating your face.   All too often people complain about exfoliators being too harsh on their skin.  What you need to remember is that your face is not gyproc and the exfoliator is not sandpaper.  Gentle, upward circular motion is all it takes to do a great job.  You’re trying to brighten your complexion by removing it’s dull outer layer,  not strip it like you would  an old piece furniture.  (Ren Micro Polish Cleanser $30 at and and Tracie Martyn’s Enzyme Exfoliate  $90 at  These are my two very favorite exfoliating products out there.

2.  Applying moisturizer to your face.  Essentially your goal is to keep your face hydrated and therefore delay the signs of aging.  In other words “do not pull and yank your face like you are fighting with it!”  When you pull your face you are stretching your skin, loose skin is not generally associated with young looking skin.  Moisturizing your face is a kind thing to do, therefore do it kindly, gently pat your moisturizer on, again in an upward, circular motion.  Some days can be rough, the 60 seconds you get during the day to moisturize your face may be the only good ones of that day…enjoy the moment!  (for my product recommendation see “All the leaves are brown…” )

3.  Washing your face at night.  I am told and find it very hard to believe that there are people out there who go to bed at night and do not wash their face.  This is the closest thing to blasphemy in my book (and sadly I am not joking)!  Whether you are at work, at school, at home, wherever you may be throughout the day, your face comes into contact with a lot of nasty stuff.  I don’t care if it’s a great aunt that pinched your cheeks or smokers outside your office building,  kisses from friends or your own hands that come into contact with your face, you must wash it before bedtime.  All you party animals out there that come home too late or dare I say too intoxicated to wash up before bed…unacceptable!  I am now going to make your lives much easier and well, quite frankly, cleaner.  Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Tissues  $40, are the easiest way to clean your face before bedtime.  They come in a great little box with 30 tissues (plus another 30 replacement pack) and all you have to do is swipe it all over your face.  It removes dirt, grime, makeup and leaves your face pillow ready.

So you’re welcome world…I sort of feel like a skin care super hero trying to save the universe one complexion at a time…;)

A girl can dream, can’t she?  xo Elisa

An item from my Bucket List…

Like everybody nowadays, I too have started a bucket list.  It consists of visiting various places around the globe, learning to do things I’ve never done before and well, considering my obsession with skincare, getting a facial at the Tracie Martyn Salon in NYC.  Yes, I am prepared to dole out the $450 it costs to have British facialist Tracie Martyn’s hands grace my face.  (Don’t judge me, that’s not nice)!  Still while I continue to collect the funds necessary to scratch this item off my list, I decided why couldn’t I indulge in some of her company’s wares while I wait.  So after an unfortunate “discussion” (my family’s codename for a big, fat fight) with my significant other I decided I am waiting no more!!!  Living in Montreal, made the actual facial appointment an impossibility, but ordering some cleanser was not.  And that brings me to today’s product, Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, or as I like to call it…Perfection!  ( $65.00 u.s. dollars, but they deliver Internationally).

I’ve used alot of great cleansers in my time, many of which I may still write about later on, but nothing quite like this one.  I’ve never used a cleanser that is so gentle on the skin AND still really, cleans your face.  I’ve always been a personal hygiene freak (remember we don’t judge here), but I actually look forward to washing my face every morning and evening.  Three pumps in the palm of your hand, mixed with a small bit of tepid water and the lather feels amazing.  As if each bubble is gently massaging/cleaning your pores.  Plus it smells like your washing in some kind of beautifully scented, Italian garden.  It’s my favorite way to start and finish my day…Hope you like it…xo elisa

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