An item from my Bucket List…

Like everybody nowadays, I too have started a bucket list.  It consists of visiting various places around the globe, learning to do things I’ve never done before and well, considering my obsession with skincare, getting a facial at the Tracie Martyn Salon in NYC.  Yes, I am prepared to dole out the $450 it costs to have British facialist Tracie Martyn’s hands grace my face.  (Don’t judge me, that’s not nice)!  Still while I continue to collect the funds necessary to scratch this item off my list, I decided why couldn’t I indulge in some of her company’s wares while I wait.  So after an unfortunate “discussion” (my family’s codename for a big, fat fight) with my significant other I decided I am waiting no more!!!  Living in Montreal, made the actual facial appointment an impossibility, but ordering some cleanser was not.  And that brings me to today’s product, Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, or as I like to call it…Perfection!  ( $65.00 u.s. dollars, but they deliver Internationally).

I’ve used alot of great cleansers in my time, many of which I may still write about later on, but nothing quite like this one.  I’ve never used a cleanser that is so gentle on the skin AND still really, cleans your face.  I’ve always been a personal hygiene freak (remember we don’t judge here), but I actually look forward to washing my face every morning and evening.  Three pumps in the palm of your hand, mixed with a small bit of tepid water and the lather feels amazing.  As if each bubble is gently massaging/cleaning your pores.  Plus it smells like your washing in some kind of beautifully scented, Italian garden.  It’s my favorite way to start and finish my day…Hope you like it…xo elisa


  1. Another great suggestion and you only live once so go for the Facial!!!!

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