Blue Plasma…

It sounds like something NASA is working on in their laboratories or maybe a sequel to Soylent Green, but NO, Blue Plasma is Dr. Perricone’s amazing, new, daily, non-acidic peel.  I have never used anything like this!  As a general rule I stay away from peels, the thought of “peeling” away layers of my skin kind of “freaks me out!”  They can be irritating to the skin, cause redness and problems where none existed before.

Then Perricone MD unveils their new un-peel and I’m somewhat intrigued.  Something gentle enough to use everyday, promising to slough away only dead skin and unclog my pores.  My father always taught me that if it sounds too good to be true then it isn’t, Dad has never been wrong, but Dad never tried Blue Plasma.  My skin is glowing, hydrated and totally happy!!!

Perricone MD products are available at, but I suggest you purchase them directly from , they offer an automatic replenishing service and when you sign up for it you save 10% and get a free gift. Which means rather than paying the $95 it costs elsewhere, you get the same exact product for $85.50 plus you get a free Citrus Facial Wash.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

So in the spirit of the New Year/New You, let Blue Plasma bring you New Skin!

Enjoy…xo ElisaBlue Plasma



  1. i love free stuff. great idea. i love facial peels also. best to you angie

  2. You should always listen to your father, afterall, father knows best!!!! However, when it comes to beauty secrets and products, YOU do know best!! Every product you have recommended has been unreal and a great buy! Blue Plasma will be ordered tonight before my head hits the pillow! Thanks again for your great advice!

  3. ordering this tonight 🙂 Thanks Elisa!

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