Hot Flash Fixer….

It’s happened to us all, you’re in a restaurant enjoying a nice evening out, when suddenly this overpowering warmth from within takes over, you ignore it and pretend it’s not happening, when your dinner date says, “You’re sweating, are you okay?”  This only exacerbates the flush, intensifying it by 100%! Whether the flush is caused by menopause or you’re just overdressed for the occasion, you’re sweating and it’s dripping down your face and pretty soon your cheek color will be at your chin.  What do you do?

You do NOT take your napkin from your lap and swipe it across your face or worse, use your sleeve! GROSS! Lucky for you, you have me!  Today’s product won’t stop the “hot flash” from coming on, but it will make the “post flash” cleanup a lot more glamorous. Bobbi Brown’s Blotting Papers  at $20/pack (100 sheets) plus a gorgeous, black faux leather, mirrored compact is the solution that won’t cause poor Emily Post to roll over in her grave, or your dinner date from seeking date number 2.

Unlike just about every other blotting paper out there, Bobbi’s don’t leave you looking like a Kabuki theater reject!  These sheets are powderless and simply absorb the excess oil from your face.  Plus the mirror inside lets you see if you have any spinach in your teeth (I haven’t quite found the product to stop that from happening…yet)!  This compact is small enough to fit into the tiniest of clutches and refills can be purchased for $10 so you never need to replace the original compact.

The only downside is forgetting to put them in your handbag as I did last weekend and instead of the sympathetic, “are you okay?” I got, “Ha, you’re sweating…Ha Ha Ha!”  Very humbling I assure you and slightly mortifying!

Learn from my mistake!  Blot on readers…xo Elisa

blotting papers


  1. once again you are a lifesafer. keep it up. your loyal reader……………. angie

  2. We can all relate to this !! 🙂 Can’t wait to get my hands on these ! Thanks

  3. Hahaha! Sounds like my brother!!!

  4. Robin Williams says:

    Another great and good looking product! No more powdered residue on your face from those powdered wipes! Thank you for ” the way you make me feel”, for not making me look ” black and white” and for making me not look like a “smooth criminal”!

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