He pet my coat….

Today I am deviating from my normal format of product recommendations.  Don’t be disappointed, I am still trying to make your shopping world a better place.  This may sound like a rant, but really it’s just an observation of strange and sometimes very bad behavior.

As someone who spends a great deal of time (and money) at cosmetic counters I am often shocked and repulsed by some of the tactics used by the sales people who work there.  Quite simply, from the sales person or counter rep I require one thing and one thing only…Product Knowledge.  Know the line you are selling and advise the customer properly, if you do this you will have a customer for life.

When shopping, I am not looking for a new best friend, I am not looking for someone to kiss my behind and I am certainly not looking for someone to insult me as a means to sell products.  I have witnessed all of these tactics while browsing the cosmetics counter, but what sent me over the edge (which is here, I might add) was when last week a salesman, in an attempt at flattery began to pet my coat…NO  you did not misread this, he actually began petting my winter coat, “Ooooh, I love your coat, it’s so soft,” is what he kept saying.  Now in all fairness he wasn’t wrong, my coat is awesome, but he totally freaked me out.  1-800-personal space please!!!

I mean haven’t we all seen Dirty Dancing? “This is my dance space….”

Essentially what I am trying to say ladies is the cosmetic counter is our gateway to “me” time! Whether it’s a body cream, a lipstick, a bubble bath, all of these are little things we do to make ourselves feel special, so we shouldn’t have to be subjected to insults or faux compliments or creepy people touching us!

So my suggestion is simple, companies should make quality products (and many of them do) and salespeople should sell the right products to the right people! Voila!  Problem solved…maybe next week I can take on world peace!

Ok, so I couldn’t let you go without giving you a little something to think about.  The coat petting incident occurred while I was purchasing Clinique’s new Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for the Eyes in Ample Amber ($19 Canadian).  I’m loving it, it’s quick in the morning when I have to go to work and lasts all day on my lids.

Enjoy…xo Elisa


chubby stick



  1. how dare he. are they all the same. do you do any conferences ??
    love the blogs, angie

  2. Robin Williams says:

    So glad Clinique is doing chubby sticks for eyes but so sorry you had to get groped in the process!!!! You really do put yourself on the line for your bloggers! Maybe he shouldn’t be in the “chubby” department!!!! Love the chubby lipstick so I’ll head out right away to pick up my chubby stick for eyes! Thanks!

  3. Btw. What coat were you wearing. Lol

  4. Mel Kligman says:

    saw the chubby stick eye shadows today. thought i would buy it tomorrow. loved the ample amber. came home and found your blog. going for sure tomorrow to get it thanks bayla

  5. so now i need to know where do i get a coat that men will want to grope?

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