The ‘C’ in this case stands for cosmetics.

Imagine if you will my gift of product knowledge. Now imagine it is matched only by my knowledge of Pop Culture and other totally random information. When you combine these 2 categories you get what I call:  Cosmetic Mathematics.

Allow me to elaborate, when you take  (A) Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (my first foray into the cosmetic world was her early 90’s collection of lipsticks) and you add it to (B) 1998’s breakout TV show Dawson’s Creek (still one of my very favorite shows of all time), what you get is a gorgeous makeup palette that is perfect for all of your needs.

Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi and Katie Palette is the item I am referring to. For $79 CAD, you get 8 neutral eyeshadows that will take you from day to night, 2 Pot Rouges (cheek/lip stains) in colors that really do flatter all skin tones and 1 Chocolate Eye Pencil. On my latest holiday it was the only makeup I packed.

Disguised as a notebook (which is way cute), this palette really does perform!

Whether you’re a Jenn, a  Joey or an Andy this palette is universally flattering.

With Christmas on its way, this would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty buff on your list.

You “don’t wanna wait” for this limited item to sell out.

xo Elisa



So shop away


  1. You never disappoint and you continue to surprise us with your knowledge! Think of the room we’ll have when packing now! The airlines will love you! They should send you a free upgrade or a great vacuum system. Will get my palette tmrw!

  2. E=MC SQUARED. yes this means elisa is magical combination squared when it comes to cosmetics. thanks again angie

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