Lashing Out…

I get so angry when various magazines churn out the same products as “The Best” out there.

I’ve actually tried a lot and I mean a lot of different products and either I’m a freak or just very picky, but I never seem to agree with their choices. My highly skeptical side concludes that these various magazines are sponsored by some of these cosmetic companies and so their ‘winners’ aren’t so much winners as they are obligated finalists.

Lucky for you all I’m sponsored by no one and so what you get from TisB is well…the Truth.

Today we’re talking mascara. Hands down the very best mascara I have ever used is Mascara Terrybly from By Terry! Her mascara separates, lengthens and coats with a formula that seems to transform your lashes over time. The longer I use it the better they look. As you may already know I’m a blue mascara fan (I’ve opened your eyes to this concept in Tricks are Treats) so I use her #3 Terrybleu but I’m also a mascara purist and for drama I go with her #1 Black Parti-Pris. There are more colors to choose from and the formula is the same with all.

by terry mascara

At $48 it’s not a giveaway, but it is the best there is out there. You can find By Terry cosmetics at Barneys, Space NK, Bigelow pharmacy and online at

I got my introduction to By Terry with her Terrybleu mascara, but now she’s my go to for her Rose Cleanser, Lip balm, highlighter and my most favorite blush. You will be hearing about her in future blogs and hopefully the magazine industry will finally learn what I’ve known for years…By Terry is by far the very best!



  1. thanks for the fantastic information once again. I am off to bigelow’s in 2 weeks in nyc.

    best wishes for a great day………..Leticia

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