Brangelina, Tomkat, Speidi…

I rue the day that “Bennifer” became an active word in our society.  Granted, it was a very cute/clever way to announce to the world the romantic coupling of Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) and Ben Affleck, but it didn’t stop there.  Society has clung so tightly to that model that we now hybrid just about everything.  We all know someone with cankles, or have sported a pair of jeggings, or wish we never saw anyone wearing meggings, yikes…  Word blending is everywhere and with no good reason.  Of course today that is going to change.

In 1985 (long before Bennifer were even acquainted with one another) the word Cosmeceutical came to be.  Cosmetics with pharmaceutical properties are known as cosmeceuticals and I quite frankly am a huge fan of them. They cannot replace annual visits to your dermatologist, but they can make your skin look fabulous in between.

Fine lines and wrinkles (flinkles?) are today’s topic and I have 2 products that are going to change their place on your face. Cold Plasma and High Potency Evening Repair are two cosmeceutical treatments Dr. Perricone MD has perfected to help diminish the signs of aging on  your skin. If I didn’t see the difference on my very own face I really wouldn’t believe it.

High Potency Evening Repair ($98 available at and directly at uses the highest levels of non-irritating retinol available for an over the counter cosmetic product.  I used to fear retinol because I have sensitive skin and had heard how it burns and dries the skin out. Absolutely not the case here, it goes on smooth with zero reaction and I wake up with skin that is baby soft and beautifully bright.  I liked it so much it got me curious to try Cold Plasma ($115 also available at and, which claims to correct the 10 most visible signs of aging.  I am fully aware that nothing can erase the damage done, but I will tell you this, since the age of 9 my forehead has always had lines.  They’ve deepened with age (I think alot…I mean all the time), they won’t go away unless I use some form of Botox (which is not going to happen any time soon) but since Cold Plasma has entered my life, those lines have diminished and I couldn’t be happier.  I am still a big thinker but I no longer waste time thinking about the lines on my face.

I know both items are pricey.  You absolutely do not need both but both provide astonishing results.  Also remember you can order from and save 10% with their auto-replenishment service.

So there you have today’s double recommendation. I hope you thought it was trawesome (truly awesome)! 😉

Happy Friday Y’all…xo Elisa

High potency evening repaircold plasma

The Picture of Dorian Gray…

Oscar Wilde was on to something.  In theory, this is a brilliant concept, a portrait aging in a closet while the subject’s youth remains intact.  In practice however it’s not really something that’s going to happen anytime soon.  Of course if you think that it is something remotely plausible, anti-aging is the least of your worries…

Cut to today’s hot topic, you got it…anti aging!  Origin’s Plantscription line of skin care. Yes, I am talking about the entire line from Cleanser to Serum to Moisturizer and that includes eyes and face.  I have yet to endorse a full line from any company but I have to tell you I use it all and I love the results I’m seeing.

To start with, the cleanser is incredibly gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin.  It also doesn’t leave behind a sticky film like some cleansers do.  That super dry feeling we often associate with clean skin is in fact what is speeding up the aging process.  Your skin shouldn’t be stripped of moisture, it should be hydrated so that your skin looks supple and well, more youthful.  Think of your face like a sponge, when it is devoid of water it’s hard and rough but saturated in water and suddenly the same sponge is softer and plumper, like good skin should be.

Now for the big guns, the Serum and Moisturizer with SPF 25 protection (which comes in an oil free version by the way).  Serum works in tandem with your moisturizer, essentially serum preps the skin to allow the moisturizer to really do it’s thing.  This one happens to protect your skin from further environmental damage (harmful UV rays) and improve your skins firmness.

In my life I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve earned every line on my face.  Every tear and giggle has made me who I am today, and I am grateful for all of it (well the laughter at least) but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive to have the healthiest skin possible.

So say goodbye to dry sponges and hello to anti-aging amazement!

Enjoy…xo Elisa


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