In Good Company…

Isabella, Juliette, Julia, Kate and Me of course!!!  NO my ego has not inflated to disproportionate size nor have I started experiencing delusions of grandeur, the one thing all five of us ladies have in common is Lancome Paris Cosmetics.  Just about everybody I know has used Lancome mascara at one time or another in their life or wore Tresor, but today I’m writing about a fairly new product to their skincare line, Genefique Yeux Light-Pearl.  It’s quite a mouthful to say (especially if you didn’t grow up in France or Canada), but it’s an absolute delight to the eyes.

Essentially it’s an anti-ageing eye serum, but it’s so much more than that.  Without going into too much detail, I’d recently undergone surgery and was recovering at home when I decided to break out the big guns.  Post anesthesia is not the “rockin’ look” you’d think it’d be, so I enlisted a little extra help from Lancome.  Before putting on my eye cream I apply the serum around my orbital bone and enjoy the cooling sensation the metallic, tear-shaped wand imparts on my skin.  It helped perk up my peepers by brightening my under-eye area and down-playing my puffiness.

Genefique Yeux Light Pearl is available where Lancome products are sold and retails for $68 u.s. and $85 Canadian.  It is also available for order online at and Lancome Paris.  Something to remember is Lancome is frequently known for giving out generous gifts with purchase throughout the year and with the holidays quickly approaching….I’m just saying…

So enjoy this holiday season in “good company!”

Happy shopping…xo Elisa

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