Tamed Tresses…

This post could have just as easily been called; Bye Bye Big Hair or Frizz This!! but regardless of its title the message is the same, kiss your frizzies goodbye.

I was recently away for the weekend and rather than schlepping my ginormous bottles of shampoo and conditioner with me I decided to buy something over there.  Sephora was directly across the street from my hotel (a very happy accident I assure you) so I went in to buy tiny sized bottles of sulphate free shampoo and conditioner (hotels rarely do sulphate free).  I was hemming and hawing between two brands when the sales associate came over and suggested I try the one she deemed better for my hair.

I should let you know, I do nothing with my hair, if hair-ability were an olympic event, I wouldn’t even make the trials.  I have many gifts, but hair styling is not one of them. So I opt for a cut that is easy to wash and go.  I have very thick hair and a lot of it, so frizz is not my friend.  I wanted to wait before recommending this product for 2 reasons, firstly I wanted to be sure I did 2 washes at home so as not to praise a product for making my hair ridiculously soft when in fact it was the water from my hotel and secondly I didn’t think it was a good idea to blog while sipping Mimosa’s ( I was in Vegas, don’t judge me)!

Now for today’s recommendation:  Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and conditioner.  I can’t believe I never tried this stuff sooner.  My hair is incredibly soft, shiny and feels weightless.  As for frizz, it is a thing of the past.  The link above will take you directly to the Discovery Kit which is how I was introduced to this life saver,  for $29 you get a small shampoo, conditioner and styling cream.  You can buy Living Proof at sephora.com or online directly at Livingproof.com.

If by some chance my recommendation isn’t enough (it should be enough) Jennifer Aniston liked the products so much she bought into the company.  How ya like me now?  😉

I am Living Proof that their No Frizz products really do work…

xo Elisa


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