Complexion 911!

You have presents to purchase, parties to attend, packages to post, holiday season is stressful and can wreak havoc on your skin!  No need to fear, TisB is here for you and your clear skin needs.

If you are one of those suffering with holiday season “str-acne” (stress acne) you are not alone.  Been there, done that and cleared it up with today’s awesome product;  Ren Clarifying Toner.  Totally affordable and a toner of its word.  It will clear up your skin.  At $28 it’s a steal and can be bought in store at Sephora or directly from Ren Cosmetics. Always sulphate and paraben free, this toner uses Willow Bark extract (salicillin) to reduce oiliness while other natural ingredients (fruit acids;  lemon, pineapple, grape) remove dead skin and unclog pores.  Amazing… like a Christmas miracle!

So now all you have to worry about this holiday season is your ability to make small talk at your various holiday functions and if there were a remedy for that I wish someone would blog about it…;)

Happy Holidays Y’all…xo Elisa

Clarifying Toner


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