Time is Money…

Saving both = Priceless.

Today’s product recommendation is something that will do wonders for your skin, retails for under $40, lasts incredibly long and saves you time and money on how it’s applied.

Fresh Rose Floral Toner is that product. This alcohol free toner is as good as it gets. It comes with an atomizer, so say goodbye to those cotton pads that needed saturation to cover you entire face. In other words depending upon which eye make up remover pads you were using, that’s a savings of $5 -$20 right there, plus with 3 or 4 spritz’s post face wash, you’re done and ready to moisturize. With Fresh’s atomizer you spray the toner directly onto your face so no product is wasted, plus the bottle seems to last forever. I’ve had the same bottle for the last 2 months and I’ve barely made a dent in it.

Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner is gentle on the skin, the rose-water calms and soothes the complexion and keeps you hydrated all day long. It can help to set your make-up, in summer it can be kept in the fridge for a real skin refresher and in winter it’ll save your skin from the dryness caused by indoor heating.

So there you have it, a real multi-tasker.

Since Time is Money, today’s post is Short and Sweet…Happy Toning Y’all!

xo Elisa

rose toner



Complexion 911!

You have presents to purchase, parties to attend, packages to post, holiday season is stressful and can wreak havoc on your skin!  No need to fear, TisB is here for you and your clear skin needs.

If you are one of those suffering with holiday season “str-acne” (stress acne) you are not alone.  Been there, done that and cleared it up with today’s awesome product;  Ren Clarifying Toner.  Totally affordable and a toner of its word.  It will clear up your skin.  At $28 it’s a steal and can be bought in store at Sephora or directly from Ren Cosmetics. Always sulphate and paraben free, this toner uses Willow Bark extract (salicillin) to reduce oiliness while other natural ingredients (fruit acids;  lemon, pineapple, grape) remove dead skin and unclog pores.  Amazing… like a Christmas miracle!

So now all you have to worry about this holiday season is your ability to make small talk at your various holiday functions and if there were a remedy for that I wish someone would blog about it…;)

Happy Holidays Y’all…xo Elisa

Clarifying Toner


Tony! Toni! Tone!….Toner!!!

Generally the second step of any skin care regimen, toning is often overlooked as an essential part of complexion maintenance.  Like the strength training you do at the gym (I say “you” because, well frankly I don’t do gyms), to make your muscles stronger, toning does the same thing to your skin.  A good toner doesn’t rid your face of excess dirt or oils, your cleanser should do that, nor does it strip your face of the essential oils it needs to stay hydrated.  Toners help to strengthen and balance your skin so it looks as good as it should and readies it for your next step, be it serum or moisturizer.

Before I “reveal” today’s recommended product I will stress that an alcohol free toner is always the way to go.  Alcohol doesn’t penetrate below the skin’s service and does nothing more than dry your skin from the outside, leaving your skin deceivingly matte, when in fact the oils below are still very much there and planning a revolution on your face.  Toners should balance your skin’s ph levels leaving yours skin healthy and well…toned.  So today I offer another two-fer, simply because I use 2 different toners.  (You do not have to, I am merely a crazy person.)  The first is my morning wake up call, Origin’s A Perfect World Age Defense Treatment Lotion, if the scent doesn’t win you over, its gentle, non sticky texture absolutely will.  Not too oily, not too drying (it’s alcohol free), its pure bliss on your skin and at $22 it’s very affordable.   My number 2 choice is my evening toner, Amore Pacific Treatment Toner, another aromatically pleasing scent.  This too is just toning perfection, it balances my skin and leaves it moisturized without feeling oily or sticky (again, alcohol free).  It costs a bit more at $40/bottle, but I assure you it is money well spent.  My face is smooth and dewy fresh when I wake up the next morning.  Both toners are available at sephora.com.

So with winter coming, take good care of your skin…and don’t forget step 2 in your skin care regimen, whichever one you chose.

Happy Shopping…xo Elisa

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