Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You…

Excellent advice, often intended to remind people to be kind to those that nurture you inside and out.

Today however we’re getting very literal.

I cannot be the only one whose cuticles dry out and eventually stray from their place along side the finger nail. I also cannot be the only who picks and pulls at them (often with my teeth-hence, biting the hand that feeds me)! Its gross, I know but we don’t judge here!

With winter creeping up this dryness will only get worse, but fear not finger biters, I have The Cure!

Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure  that is. This stuff smells great, isn’t greasy and really does the trick. I apply it morning and night around my nail bed and within a 24 hour period my ‘cuticle erections’ are a thing of the past. I actually noticed a difference after one use.

Your cuticles will thank me for this one and to them I say “you’re welcome!”

xo Elisa




What’s Your “Stripper” Name?

Remember that game growing up where you take your middle name and the name of the street you grew up on, add them together and get your stripper name?  Clearly I was destined for saint-hood since my folks never gave me a middle name, but I do know a little something about the best Stripper around.  Deborah Lippman’s “The Stripper to Go” Lavender Lacquer Remover Mitts, today’s featured product.

For years I avoided painting my nails for two reasons: #1.  Ineptitude, I can’t polish a nail to save my life.  #2.  The harshness of polish remover with its toxic smell and the residual polish it left behind after my removal attempt.  Well number 1 was solved with finding a manicurist but a solution for number 2 eluded me for years, until I discovered Deborah Lippman’s “The Stripper” line of lacquer removal.

I’m focussing on “The Stripper to Go” mitts because they really do blow my mind.  For $12 you get 6 mitts in a box.  Each mitt is saturated in the lavender-scented lacquer remover and 1 mitt is good for all 10 fingers. So bye-bye to that nasty polish remover smell and to the cotton ball shreds that seem to stay stuck to me for hours afterward.  Plus for traveling these cannot be beat, no nasty spilling in your luggage and each mitt is individually wrapped so you don’t even have to take the whole box, just one pack and you’re good to go.  I love these and I’m pretty sure you will too.  I’m also pretty sure that at sometime during this post you’d stopped and figured out your very own stripper name!

So “Go-Go” and enjoy your new polish remover and your brand new Stripper name…

xo…Lu Hartwell  (my nickname was Lu growing up so that was what I cheated with)



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