Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You…

Excellent advice, often intended to remind people to be kind to those that nurture you inside and out.

Today however we’re getting very literal.

I cannot be the only one whose cuticles dry out and eventually stray from their place along side the finger nail. I also cannot be the only who picks and pulls at them (often with my teeth-hence, biting the hand that feeds me)! Its gross, I know but we don’t judge here!

With winter creeping up this dryness will only get worse, but fear not finger biters, I have The Cure!

Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure  that is. This stuff smells great, isn’t greasy and really does the trick. I apply it morning and night around my nail bed and within a 24 hour period my ‘cuticle erections’ are a thing of the past. I actually noticed a difference after one use.

Your cuticles will thank me for this one and to them I say “you’re welcome!”

xo Elisa




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