Lashing Out…

I get so angry when various magazines churn out the same products as “The Best” out there.

I’ve actually tried a lot and I mean a lot of different products and either I’m a freak or just very picky, but I never seem to agree with their choices. My highly skeptical side concludes that these various magazines are sponsored by some of these cosmetic companies and so their ‘winners’ aren’t so much winners as they are obligated finalists.

Lucky for you all I’m sponsored by no one and so what you get from TisB is well…the Truth.

Today we’re talking mascara. Hands down the very best mascara I have ever used is Mascara Terrybly from By Terry! Her mascara separates, lengthens and coats with a formula that seems to transform your lashes over time. The longer I use it the better they look. As you may already know I’m a blue mascara fan (I’ve opened your eyes to this concept in Tricks are Treats) so I use her #3 Terrybleu but I’m also a mascara purist and for drama I go with her #1 Black Parti-Pris. There are more colors to choose from and the formula is the same with all.

by terry mascara

At $48 it’s not a giveaway, but it is the best there is out there. You can find By Terry cosmetics at Barneys, Space NK, Bigelow pharmacy and online at

I got my introduction to By Terry with her Terrybleu mascara, but now she’s my go to for her Rose Cleanser, Lip balm, highlighter and my most favorite blush. You will be hearing about her in future blogs and hopefully the magazine industry will finally learn what I’ve known for years…By Terry is by far the very best!


Curly Girl in a Straight World…

Keratin shampoos, straightening irons, frizz free gels, paddle brushes, boars hair brushes…everything you see in the pharmacy or the beauty supply stores tell you a woman should have straight hair and they all seem to offer the various products to help you achieve that goal.

Here’s the problem, I don’t fit into society’s model of a straight-haired beauty. For 43 years I’ve felt like square peg trying to fit into a circle, but about a month ago that all changed.

I have always had a lot of hair and it has always been really thick, there was a wave to it but nothing of the Bernadette Peters variety or anything. I was in hair hell:  too thick to go short, too much hair to wear long and zero ‘hair-ability’ (my word for ones inability to work a blow dryer and style ones hair).

Then I was handed a sample of Devacurl No-poo, One Condition and Gel from one of the beauty supply stores. I’d tried everything else, I figured why not give this a shot. I followed the instructions on the packs and suddenly my hair had a lot more curl to it, almost as if it finally knew what to do. So I started researching this product line and discovered that it was born out of a salon in NYC and was created by a really curly girl named Lorraine Massey. Her philosophy was to cut curly hair dry (since we don’t wear our hair wet, why cut it that way). It made sense to me but I wasn’t really certain that I actually had curly hair. I’d always assumed I’d had difficult or uncooperative hair, since hairdressers for years had always blow dried it straight as if that were the only option I’d had.

I was the girl who left the hairdresser very politely and very briskly to go home and wash it so that I didn’t look like I had a ‘coif’. There is very little worse in the self-esteem department than never really feeling good about or truly accepting yourself. The haircuts were always well executed, but they weren’t me at all. Something had to give.

My research brought me to New York City where I decided to take the plunge and get a ‘curly girl haircut’ at the Devachan Salon on Broome St./Crosby in Soho. After scouring the web for reviews of various stylists there, Jackie seemed to be a perfect match for me.

At worst I would be in NYC for a time and at best, I’d have a haircut that would make me happy.

Turned out be a win-win all around!

I couldn’t stop smiling from the moment I met Jackie to the minute I was done there. In addition to the best haircut I’d ever had, I was also educated on how to maximize the benefit of the products I was already using. Arturo assisted in showing me how to take care of my new curly tresses by encouraging me to feel and listen to what my properly conditioned hair should feel and sound like (yes, you read correctly, when properly conditioned, my hair should feel like silk and sound like ducks quacking).

This whole experience was a hair game changer for me.

Bad hair days are a thing of the past! Bye bye brushes and combs…Hello to Locks I Love!

Here’s to all of our happy hair days!







Above are the three products I use daily, they work wonders when you work them properly…

Less is More…

That seems to be my philosophy for summer make up!

It will also be my philosophy for this blog.

I’m getting right to the point with this one.  YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush is my summer fun item! It’s a cream blush/lipstick that comes in 12 vibrant shades that range from neutral to shocking pink. I’m more of a subtle gal so I opt for numbers 9 and 10. I must admit I do use them more for blush than lipstick, but they really can do both and unlike other cream blushes, these aren’t greasy.

I love the smoochie lipped applicator and at $45 CAD you’re essentially getting 2 products in one.

kiss and blush


*Here’s a little tip for you, when you are applying it as a blush, make a 3 dot triangle on the apple of your cheek and gently pat the color on so that it blends more naturally, rather than smearing a streak on the side of your face. The 80’s are over and there is no reason to go back there.

Shakespeare did say “Brevity is the soul of wit..” So….

xo Elisa



and now for something completely different…

By now we all know I can be a bit of a fancy pants where cosmetics are concerned.

I have yet to find any product worth recommending that can be found at your local pharmacy/drugstore…until now that is!

My usual cleansing wipes are quite a challenge to find, especially in their Supersize format. I love them, but they are pricey and I was running low. (Cue dramatic music)!!! I had no choice but to find a replacement.

After having found nothing that I liked at my usual shopping places, I had no choice but to give the pharmacy a shot. Why would I spend tons of money on something that was ‘meh’, when I could spend $8.99 on the regular mediocrity? Well holy surprise when what I found was way above mediocre and a really reasonably priced alternative to my wipes of choice.

Without further ado I would like to introduce you to Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes! They gently and effectively remove makeup, they aren’t oily or alcohol soaked and the actual cloth is soft (unlike so many others out there that feel like sand paper). They are gentle for sensitive skin types and they do not burn your eyes one bit.

25 wipes come in a resealable package (that actually reseals itself) and they can be found at most pharmacy/drugstore/grocery stores.

Looks like little miss fancy pants found herself some big time bargains.

Yeah for us all!


simple cleansing wipes

Easy, Peasy, Summer Breezy!

We all lighten our load in the summer.

Some of us shed layers of clothes, others shed pounds for bathing suit season, then there are folks like me who shed their makeup routine.

While always wanting to look my best, when it’s hot and sweaty outside there is no way I’m going full throttle in the makeup department. Having said that, don’t think you’re going to find me bare-faced in the city. Last year I introduced you to Origins Vitazing SPF moisturizer (see Thank You Notes).  This years summer favorite can be worn over your Vitazing and has 2 functions ( I love a good multi-tasker)!

Drum roll please…

YSL Kiss & Blush is this summer’s multitasking product of choice. It’s a velvety textured cream that can be worn on both cheeks and lips, with a “smoochie” lip shaped applicator that goes on smooth and lasts for hours. This item is ideal for weekend outings when you wanna look your best but cannot be bothered with the whole pomp and circumstance of a full on makeup session. Plus, if you live in a climate that experiences a nasty winter, you don’t want to spend your entire summer in front of a vanity mirror.

Get out there and enjoy the day with only one product in your pocket or purse! There are 12 colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one to your liking. I’m a neutral girl so I went with the Nude Insolent, it really warmed up my cheeks and was super flattering on my lips.

Lightening your load with Kiss & Blush will also lighten your wallet $40 ($45 Canadian), but you really are getting 2 products in one here. I think you’ll consider it a good investment, especially when your out for dinner and a touch up involves just one little bottle and not an entire beauty arsenal!

You can find YSL at and at all department stores where YSL is sold.

So Happy Summer Y’all!

It’s good to be back and there’s so much more coming soon.

xo Elisa

Kiss Blush



Making Faces…

I was lucky enough to get to spend my early 20’s in NYC.

It was the mid 90’s and Grunge was all the rage,  Johnny Depp was dating Kate Moss, everybody wanted to get their hands on Vamp lipstick and nail polish by Chanel and a new sitcom about 6 friends who hang out in a coffee shop near Central Park was MUST SEE TV for real.

Around this time a young make up artist named Kevyn Aucoin was responsible for beautifying just about every famous face there was, from Cher to Tori Amos, from Winona Ryder to Jessica Lange. You were someone if he did your make up.

Unfortunately he died way too soon but left behind a legacy of ‘how to’ books (The Art of MakeUp, Making Faces and Face Forward) and a cosmetic line that is to be as celebrated as his artistry.

Today I’m singing the praises of 2 of his face products that have me feeling a lot prettier than I really am. I’ll introduce them in the order I use them.

#1.  The Sensual Skin Tinted Balm is essentially a sheer coverage, oil free, SPF 20 product, that helps to moisturize and nourish your skin all the while leaving you zit free and gorgeous. (I use shade SB03)

#2. The Celestial Bronzing Veil is what I call ‘Crack’ for my skin tone. This isn’t just a bronzer! When I use this I honestly look like I’ve been at the beach all day and have been tanned to perfection. It uses 3 different shades to give you that beautifully bronzed glow. I bought 2 immediately because I cannot find them where I live. There are 2 versions of it, one called Tropical Days, the other Tropical Nights. I opted for the Days since it was warmer in tone, the Nights is slightly cooler and a little too dark for my liking.

The links I’ve included above take you to the Kevyn Aucoin website directly and from there you can access the shopping link since it will vary for each country.

I know you will all love today’s recommended products because they really are as good as I claim.

Glow on and make Gorgeous Faces…

xo Elisa

sensual balm

tropical days


Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but it’s on its way. I know this because Laura Mercier has launched a new limited edition palette for spring 2014 that has become my all time favorite palette EVER!

It may seem pre-mature to talk spring make-up (since I’m writing this while looking at snow blowing outside my window) however I picked up this palette while on holiday in South Florida and I haven’t worn anything else since. Nor do I have any intention of switching any time soon.

This Enlightenment Eye and Cheek Palette has 4 eye shadows and 2 blushes that will flatter every complexion. At first glance they all look very sparkly and shimmery. I don’t do “sparkly” so I was a bit skeptical but it looked so beautiful that I thought “what the heck, for $55 I could be a sport.”

All 4 shadows are neutrals that wear beautifully, they do not look glitzy and shimmery when they are on. If anything they brighten your eyes and help you look really well rested. As someone who usually wears 2 shadows (one on the lid and one in the crease) I’ve been wearing these solo, they make your eyes look so good you only need one at a time. I have however layered them to see how they’d wear in pairs and they were brilliant…literally!

The 2 blushes really impressed me as well. One looked really bright in the palette but when I put it on it gave me a magnificent glow.

This palette gets a 5 star rating from me. This will be your go to palette for day and night.

Making this palette very palatable for all!

xo Elisa




Domo Arigato!

I was 11 years old in 1982 when I saw Styx’ Kilroy was Here concert tour! It still goes down as one of the greatest shows I have ever seen! “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto” was my first introduction to all things Japanese (well omitting the Mr. Roboto part). Years later came my love of sushi and now I’m here to talk about a line of skin care from Japan that will ‘rock your world!’

Koh Gen Doh is that company and their Oriental Plants Clean Foam and Macro Vintage Eye Treatment are the two products that I am raving about today.

The Cleansing foam froths so nicely, is so gentle on the skin and lasts a ridiculously long time. All you need is a pea size amount, add water and wash your face to reveal beautiful, healthy skin. Available online at or directly from the Koh Gen Do website (see link above), this will set you back $45, but well worth it I assure you!

koh gen do cleanser

The Macro Vintage Eye Treatment is off the charts amazing. Available only from their website directly (see link above) or from, this item is on the pricier side. Before I reveal the price, I feel compelled to say it is by far the best eye cream I have ever used! Not only does it smooth the fine lines around my eyes, my skin stays hydrated (not greasy) all day, my make up goes on even better than before (and stays on) and my eyes appear brighter and more rested. The tube should last you a really long time because all you need is the size of a grain of rice for both eyes. Now here is the bad news, the product sells for $138, however when you order from Koh Gen Do directly they have a promotions tab which usually offers great deals and they always seem to send great samples with your online order.

macro vintage eye

This being a new year and all I just want to remind everyone to take a little time to do something nice for yourself. Whether its soaking in a hot tub, getting a massage, or using a great product, TRUTHisBEAUT-E is all about putting aside a couple of minutes a day to take care of ‘you!’

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2014!

xo Elisa

Your Beauty Arsenal…

Get ready to arm yourselves with the few items every woman should have in their vanity.

These tools and tricks will not end world hunger but they will help to make you feel a little better on the outside when you’re not feeling your best on the inside (where it really counts). In other words, how to ‘Fake it ’til you Make it!’

#1. To start off you really do need a good vanity mirror. By that I mean a lighted, two-sided mirror with one side that magnifies. Having said that, I loathe to look at myself any larger than necessary, but to apply eye liner as close to the lash line as possible, the magnifying mirror is a must. The regular side is for all other makeup and cosmetic uses.

#2.  The slanted Tweezerman Tweezer is another tool everyone should have on hand. Available at most pharmacies and drug stores, as well as Sephoras everywhere, they are the ultimate grooming tool! No other tweezer will pluck as neatly and cleanly as the Tweezerman.

**Very important to remember that when tweezing your eyebrows, never pluck more than 3 hairs at a time on each eye. Also never use the magnified side of the vanity mirror, no one ever looks at just your eyebrows, they take in the whole eye, when plucking, you should do the same!

#3.   To really ‘Fake it ’til you make it,’  every woman needs a good bronzer. My go to bronzer as of late is Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze in Tantric 102.  Available at, it is a really neutral bronzer, not orange at all and just warm enough in color to give you a healthy glow without any sparkly shimmer. Bronzer is intended to warm up your skin tone, not turn you into a disco queen.

marc jacobs bronzer

#4.   While all the magazine’s are showing Wine Stained Lips or the Bold Red Lip, always remember that the lipstick that is one shade darker than your lip tone will always be the most flattering lip color you can wear. Obviously the color will be different for each person out there, but I really like  Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush and Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme, both have beautiful color choices,  are moisturizing and long wearing.

hourglass lipstick

dior nudes








#5.  Napoleon complex? Not here, this next product/tip is a real life saver.  Nars’ Larger than Life-Long Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte is an almond colored eyeliner that you use on the inside of your bottom lid that will brighten even the most tired eyes. Many people suggest a white eyeliner to brighten up your peepers, but too stark a white will make you look ethereal and no one wants to look like the ghost of christmas present or past. Rue Bonaparte keeps you bright-eyed and very much a part of the living world.

rue bonaparte

#6.  Saving the best for last:  Every woman needs a good eye palette in their arsenal. For me, it’s Edward Bess’ Prismette Eyeshadow Quad in Over the Moon. Whether it’s day or night, this palette delivers long wearing shadows that seem to look better as the day goes on. You can layer all 4, use just 2, anyone you slice it this is the perfect palette!

over the moon palette

Well there you have it, it’s quite a list, but I’m fairly certain you’ll love all of these.

Remember this holiday season to take the time you need to do something nice for yourself.

xo Elisa

Astral Projection…

I’m in a patisserie in Paris. The enticing aroma of pistachio macaroons is wafting in the air, I think I’ll buy a dozen. Wait…I’m not in Paris at all, I’m in my very own bathtub at home, soaking in what is hands down THE best bath I have ever experienced!

It wasn’t astral projection I was experiencing, it was today’s euphoric product recommendation. Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache  Honey Bath and Souffle Body Creme are the two items that transported me from my bathroom in Montreal, Canada to an exotic bakery somewhere in France.

Until you’ve actually experienced this bath time sensation, you cannot know how amazing it really is.  Bubbles galore and a bathroom that smelled better than anything I can remember. Laura Mercier’s Body and Bath Collection is inspired by yummy confectionery creations like almond coconut, fresh fig, amber vanilla, creme Brule or my favorite pistachio. Each one smells better than the next and this time of year you can find a large variety of Limited Edition Gift Sets at most fine department stores (Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew,

So have yourself a “Mercier Little Christmas!”

xo Elisa


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